Comments ever bit the bullet on a ridiculous aftermarket price?

  • I'm commenting on this again because I just spent $250CAD on Myethos' Jr. Ootengu (not in the database). Totally worth it imo (he hasn't been opened), even though it felt like a lot of money.
    2 days ago
    I'm rather new to figure collecting and ended up spending $130 bucks on this Kanji figure. ITEM #131136
    I did not see it getting a rerelease sadly and with him getting basically nothing I kinda caved in and bought it.
    2 days ago
    I hate it when people charge ridiculous prizes for anime figures. I get supply and demand, but in my thoughts it's like this: If you buy a figure just to sell it off at a high after-market price, you're just a money-hungry scammer leeching off of people who are actual fans of the products. Never will I humour those kinds of people, since I don't really care about the value of money and hate people who try to abuse the capitalistic system for their own gain. If I'm buying a MIB item, I'm willing to pay around what it would have cost me if I pre-ordered. If you have a used figure that you want to sell because you need space or something, why would you charge inflated prices? Isn't your main concern that a figure you loved gets to make another fan happy? If you charge a ridiculous after-market price, you just go in the aforementioned scammer category, especially cause it's used. I don't give in to inflated after market prices, I'd rather wait years for a re-release (or bare-leg version in case of bunnies) to see the prizes of the after market plummet and feast on the tears of the moneywolves than give in to their ridiculous demands.
    Sorry for the rant, I just hate people solely focused on financial gain.
    2 days ago
    Spent $580 on ITEM #675897
    Spent $360 on ITEM #656326

    Only to find out they are getting rereleases. Never again will I buy figures for the high after market prices. (I sold them already but...I still regret spending that much....)
    2 days ago
    ITEM #236151 I had to own this and actually found one for 270 usd

    item/758994# (Kinda regret since the rerelease since I paid 400usd

    They’re both worth it imo both lovely figures
    2 days ago
    maybe not the worst, but I dumped $50 (and an extra $30 for shipping) on the Hetalia Colorfull Collection Nordic keychains/figures. they were originally gachapon prizes back in 2014. probably the highest aftermarket price I've spent on a figure was $72 on the Hetalia World Stars Italy nendoroid.

    nvm just remembered I spent $170 on the Nekopara pop up parade figures. worth it imo but I'm fairly certain they'll be getting a rerun anyways...
    2 days ago
    $200 CAD on ITEM #604422 !!! love yumeko and I don't see a re-release anytime soon so no regrets
    2 days ago
    Yes, $190 on this one ITEM #236211

    $250 on this one
    ITEM #286294

    And Im about to do it on this one too ITEM #361421 for $200
    2 days ago
    Karumi Bishie Enthusiast
    I have actually never bought a figure secondhand or from the aftermarket. Almost all my figures were pre-orders. I do have a list of figures I want that I did not pre-order, but they always get pushed back in favor of pre-orders.
    2 days ago
    Off the top of my head I think the most I overpaid for an aftermarket find was just around $100 extra, most of my collection is made up of recent releases and I haven’t done a lot of aftermarket searching.
    2 days ago
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