Comments Cutest Figure in Your Collection?

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  • From the items I own its gotta be ITEM #334568 and ITEM #464602 . It's funny because I actually dislike Nendroids.

    From my preorders its ITEM #871638 and ITEM #1049245 when she's finally released.
    13 days ago
    sarious Chino is My Life
    Cutest in my collection and my grail: ITEM #604683
    13 days ago
    Cutest figures in my collection:
    Meruru - ITEM #117969
    Ryza - ITEM #871248
    Pinkie Pie - ITEM #675659

    Cutest prize figures in my collection:
    Himari - ITEM #84997
    Halloween Miku - ITEM #676314
    13 days ago
    Currently my Nadeshiko (ITEM #740250) is the cutest in my collection along with her prize figure (ITEM #886631). They're too cute and I love them both!
    13 days ago
    I think my two cutest figures would have to be Leukothea from an old VN Megachu!
    ITEM #526
    The pose and facial expression are just adorable.

    The other being an OC from artist BLADE Chiyuru (somewhat NSFW) ITEM #740443
    Her outfit, ears, pose and pink pastels really make her a sweetie.
    13 days ago
    I think this is one of my cuter figures in my collection ITEM #143459
    13 days ago
    My collection is comprised mostly of cute so I had quite a few to choose from!
    Some of the standouts are:
    My first scale, Kotobukiya Madoka: ITEM #464665. Madoka is already the epitome of cuteness, but her pose and the heart-shaped present make her even cuter!
    The "gem" of my small collection, Alter Love Live Hanayo: ITEM #317825. Alter's Love Live series is full of cute figs, and I'd love to get more in the future, but maritime theme + a cute jumping pose made this one a great start!
    EXQ Nana Abe: ITEM #774925. Her clothes and pose scream adorableness!
    I also have quite a few Nendos, which are made for cuteness, but Nendoroid Izumi Sagiri is one of the cutest! ITEM #542745. I love her expressions and color scheme.
    And on the "ordered" side, there's even more cuteness coming with Taito Spring Fairy Miku: ITEM #912961, Nendoroid Hamtaro: ITEM #1184958 and Nendoroid Snow Miku 2014: ITEM #153162
    13 days ago
    good question. i couldn't decide between these 2 ITEM #740252 ITEM #99355
    13 days ago
    ITEM #911326 is my cutest by a mile, but in terms of non-chibi figures I think ITEM #860904 wins! I was so excited to find her exclusive color version, the pink just looks so right.
    13 days ago
    easily ITEM #740252, ITEM #510136, and ITEM #792684. even just narrowing it down to 3 was pretty difficult, I couldn't choose a single favorite even if I wanted to!

    out of my pre-orders, ITEM #1085915 DEFINITELY takes the cake for just being precious.
    13 days ago
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