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  • it's anything with a sexualized minor for me! I cannot believe that shit exists and that it's around so much!
    2 days ago
    For me, everything that has a bad face, boring pose (like they didnt even try, someone just said "just give them the character and thats it, they will purchase it") and nendos (dont hate me, dont really see the appeal).

    Also, the only bunny figures I actually care about are Kaguya sama ones, and even then, almost all bunnies have the similar aestethic and big chests (Im not into big chests, so I find those figures less atractive). Faces like this, I mean, I love this franchise but wtf is wrong with those faces? ITEM #549992 ITEM #945972 ITEM #886298 (Poor misaki got into Chernobyl and couldnt be rescued in time)

    Look at this (her clothes look great, but her face... is she singing, or calling for an exorcist):


    There are also Phat figures. I love their danganronpa designs, but I strongly dislike the faces. Same with the new prushka. Klee´s face from genshin impact is a no from me too.

    Im dying to get a steins;gate figure and a Your lie in april one, but I cant bring myself to like them. I have problems with the poses of the former (No Maho figure, Kurisu´s are either her looking weak -and she isnt weak at all- or doing a pose I just dont seem to get the point of), and with faces/poses for the latter (I like this one´s face ITEM #287869 but I dont really think that expression and pose suit her -depending on the angle, it looks weird af to picture/1701065...-, and I just strongly dislike the faces of the other figures she has).
    2 days ago
    The only figure I really dislike is this one-
    ITEM #593300
    I know it's just a fictional character but for some reason
    I'm still not in favor of sexualizing child characters.
    I also believe they sculpted a camel toe on her which
    only adds to my disgust.
    2 days ago
    The whole Megahouse Cutie Model Sailor Moon line just doesn't look right to me: ENTRY #25047. It's how awkwardly long their limbs are that really bothers me. I get noodle bodies are common in shoujo and I have no qualms with their manga/anime lankiness, but it just doesn't translate well to figure form. The Sailor Mars in particular looks really weird because her right arm is fully stretched out so you can really see it. The torsos just look too small for their limbs lol.

    And the POP Akainu: ITEM #72242. The exaggerated chest sculpt makes it look like he has boobs lol.
    2 days ago
    Dolls in general, including poseable figures like Figmas fall into my aesthetically bad category. The joints just really ruin the look for me, and the couple doll type items I own are generally displayed with full clothes that hide their joints, or are somewhere farther back in my display where their joints are less obvious.

    Gigantic boobs, especially 'floating' ones, or when outfits have to somehow magically cling all around them really don't do it for me either (Sorry Sonico fans, but she'd be a prime example). I get it that some people really like the look, and that having clothes unrealisticly form around them is mostly intended to highlight them as a feature, but it can really turn me off of a figure I otherwise like.

    'Knock knee' poses are another ruinous feature of otherwise likeable figures. ITEM #118142 is the first example I can think of... If it was something that was actually intended to be an omorashi/pee fetish ecchi figure, I could accept that, heck I'm enough of an ecchi collector that I might even be into buying it. But as a regular figure, and something that ends up also ooc for the subject, it's just a big old no.

    Faces that really don't match the character, or are way different from the character design are another big offender, and one that quite often comes back to the dolls which so often have a single generic head and just get different colored eyes or tiny details to try to match the character in question. Occassionally a figure is good enough overall that I can overlook the face being wrong in some way. ITEM #198579 and ITEM #235930 are both figures that have somewhat non-canon facial features, but I find to both be good enough figures overall that I don't mind, whereas ITEM #301207 is back to that generic Dollfie face with just the eyes done to match the character, and doesn't quite pull it off...
    2 days ago
    emo real life zombie
    Yes and yes lol. Figs I dislike but get overwhelming positivity;

    Shiro: View spoilerHide spoilerI think ENTRY #62598's hair has the potential to be really cool, but it's rarely executed properly. (Linked some bad hairs and good hairs to compare)

    Poorly done;

    ITEM #591632
    ITEM #236199
    ITEM #946275
    ITEM #740207

    Well done;

    ITEM #740292
    ITEM #1008398
    ITEM #593301
    ITEM #331468

    Miku: View spoilerHide spoiler
    ITEM #216850
    ITEM #537794
    ITEM #153162
    ITEM #945860
    ITEM #944729
    ITEM #1041978


    Figs I like that often get criticized (Not including the 1000 garage kits and low qual tradeables that I think are so ugly they're cute);

    Limited edition MLP: View spoilerHide spoiler
    ITEM #1006746
    ITEM #1034800
    ITEM #1170812
    ITEM #1253479

    Horror bishoujos: View spoilerHide spoilerI've noticed a lot of distaste for these two in particular;

    ITEM #909999 (most criticism is about her weight but ngl I think she looks way more movie accurate this way)

    ITEM #555570 (seen a lot of people refer to her as too skankish, but I like it since it adds to the contrast between her and ITEM #555569.)
    2 days ago
    Demigod_Dan3 days ago#98566134(NSFW) ITEM #5610 is very not aesthetically pleasing. I hate that it exists, but someone somewhere thought it was a good idea so here we are. I guess it scores a few points on originality, lol

    y T_T
    2 days ago
    where to start....
    ITEM #117905 this Panty figure is truly awful. I really don't like her face, it's so bad....

    ITEM #1195748 it's a shame her bunny figure looks like this. I hate how big her chest is, she's just a lost potential :(

    ITEM #712 don't know who came up with the her face but it's garbage
    3 days ago
    Speaking of Levi, ITEM #236173 is one of the worst figures I've ever seen. Levi is fine, but that base... that base. It's creative, I'll give them that, but ugh...

    ITEM #446 Her prototype looks fine, but her eyes in the finished product are very much not lol PICTURE #1449533

    Alternatively, I really like ITEM #937027 and every time an article is posted asking about weird figures or figures you don't like, she's always there lol

    (NSFW) ITEM #141162 is also a pretty ugly figure that I love for some reason
    3 days ago
    ITEM #810199 is interesting because she was gearing up to be amazing - lovely color scheme, overall comfy feel, flowy hair... but then the prototype released... and her hair is FLOATING... could never unsee, cancelled preorder and never looked back. plus while her bedding in the illustration was white they gave her a garish yellow base and were never able to hit a pure white-pink-purple-blue color scheme in any of the variants. such a disappointment...

    there are a handful of sonico figures that are pastel and should hit the aesthetic spot so to speak but just... dont? ITEM #360476 ITEM #579989 ITEM #397155 ITEM #281361 ITEM #121207

    i really like the color combination seen in ITEM #121214 and ITEM #121213. it ties into the colors on the album artwork for the paswg soundtrack, but... why are fastener and honekoneko bronze??? almost ruins them for me, but i could overlook them if the price was right (it probably never will be lmao)

    ITEM #131393 is in a similar vein. the purple/pink hair and the white/gold... just... no...

    as far as "everyone else hates it but i love it", or perhaps figures that i feel like i shouldnt like but do anyway, theres ITEM #912958, which has a lot going on but honestly it works for me?? also ive seen complaints about ITEM #809901's hair but eh, im fine with it.

    finally, for something not related to color (which i am highly sensitive to of you couldnt tell), theres ITEM #947673 - specifically her face. a lot of people have said she looks like a yandere, and i do see it, it just doesnt bother me at all. its not even that i like imagining miku as a yandere, the face just, idk, works for the diner waitress vibe. it looks fake, but a lot of working a service job is faking a smile while customers constantly yell at you and you are severely underpaid. i dont blame her for not putting her all in to look friendly. but thats just me reading waayyy too much into it haha
    3 days ago
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