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  • I really want this doll ITEM #539021, but it was limited to just 50 pieces and only sold in China.
    10 days ago
    Cool to see another Zelda fan! I have Midna True Form Statue, Definitive version -- the glass case and black lights look so amazing in the dark.

    Most of my purchases in the last year have been limited/numbered editions. Also, most can't be linked to MFC haha. :)
    10 days ago
    Re. the F4F Zelda statues: the exclusivity and limited quantity is part of the appeal and the business model, every statue is numbered by hand. If they produced another batch, they would be lying to their costumers and betraying their trust. I would love to own ITEM #2170 and ITEM #445636, but I missed them or wasn't collecting at the time. I've accepted I will never have them and have deleted them from my wishlist. And that's fine! You can't have everything, and someone else, who might be a bigger Zelda fan than me, gets to own them instead. So, for these statues the exclusivity doesn't annoy me, it comes with the territory.

    What I do find annoying is when simple, regular figures like Nendoroids or figmas, are limited or exclusive and will never get rereleased. The Pokemon company is notorious for this, for example ITEM #388627 will likely never be released again, and ITEM #1043839 was was only sold as a preorder at like two stores and months before the planned release it was already impossible to buy.
    10 days ago
    I'm not exactly sure if this counts as an exclusive, but I think it does, in which case ITEM #835247
    Just, ITEM #835247
    Regular version is really easy to find and relatively cheap. This version? Not as hard to find as some other things, but the price for basically a glorified prize figure is killing me. I'll still pay it one day though as I am a sucker for food-themed figures/outfits/gachas/etc.
    10 days ago
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