Comments Someone on Mercari Accusing Me of Selling Them a Counterfeit?

  • Plenty of solid advice has already been given in the thread. What I can add is if the buyer opens a case provide all your evidence to paypal and state your case. Honestly that's what I worry about with sending to randoms. They don't know figures so when they get a prize they think it's flaws are "defects" when in reality they bought a shit hunk of plastic.
    12 days ago
    You can try your best to fight the charge, but if Mercari rules in favor of the buyer, there's not much you can do. You might just have to accept the return and turn around and sell it again.

    I've had the same problems with people on Mercari with prize figures. Buyers get all mad when the prize figure is not flawless like a $200 scale figure. It's really ridiculous. I've had to put warnings on my prize figure listings just to make people aware that these figures are not perfect.
    12 days ago
    Unfortunately, in these cases, the best thing to do is to bite the bullet and accept a return for a refund. If the person opens a case, you will likely be ruled against, even if you are in the right. So it's better to try to maintain good customer service because the result will be the same. Plus, when you receive the figure, you can try again to find a loving home.
    12 days ago
    "It just seems like they want to get their money back by making false accusations because "they could've bought it cheaper elsewhere".

    as a mercari seller myself, i find this to just be somebody who found something to complain about in hopes to get their money back because theyre probably just cheap with their money and/or a massive perfectionist lol. i would just tell them what you explained about prize figure qualities (if you havent already). their purchases & their money is their responsibility and if they purchased it, they have already agreed to paying for the product. if they wanted to buy it for cheaper, they could've waited and thats not your fault, shrug.

    if you've already received a bad review, just leave it at that i guess. mercari doesn't care about sellers getting shit false reviews, they don't really like to give you a chance to prove yourself anyway.
    12 days ago
    Cyania Saber Simp
    I would suggest in the future to include a statement in the descriptions, that figures may look different comparing to the promotional photos shown on the box due to manufacturing inconsistencies. On a lot of prize figures’ boxes manufacturers also stated the same, though they are in Japanese so you can’t really expect buyers to read it. I was in a similar situation and even wrote an article for it.

    Your buyer should know that prize figures are meant to have lower quality standard because… they are mainly designed to be prizes won from the game centers.

    Also I think you marked the post with the wrong flair.
    12 days ago
    tofuu12 days ago#101220213Show the receipts and say that prize figures are known for having those sorts of flaws.

    This. You could also point Mercari to pictures that other people have taken of the authentic prize figure, such as on MFC. If you can provide proof of authentication and pictures verifying that, then you should be fine.

    Also, a number of prize figures have stickers of authenticity on their boxes. If you have a picture of that on the one you sold, that's pretty golden.

    Worst comes to worst, you could call them to explain the situation. Phone calls work better than emails sometimes.
    12 days ago
    I hate to admit, but I did the same years ago when I started my collection - I bought 2 prize figures on Ebay (a place where I got my first figures) and when I received them and saw so many flaws I gave a bad rating to the seller saying that he sold bootlegs to me... Only some days later I started to know the differences between scale and prizes...
    12 days ago
    AsterKun That Loser Over There
    tofuu12 days ago#101220213Show the receipts and say that prize figures are known for having those sorts of flaws.That's what I'll probably do, honestly. I'm just waiting for Mercari to respond back to me. I'm just scared Mercari will side with the buyer since they're known to also screw their sellers sometimes = _ =
    12 days ago
    Show the receipts and say that prize figures are known for having those sorts of flaws.
    12 days ago
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