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  • Furyu all the way! I think they really nailed his ikemen face. I love estream’s base too and Gojo’s crazy look. I’m not fond of Koto (only got it for the bonus head) but I PO’d all 3 of them for my Gojo shrine
    12 days ago
    Personally Furyu is the better one imo, even with the higher price point.. I have the Furyu and Koto ones on preorder, I genuinely just couldn't stand the teeth in the eStream one
    12 days ago
    Furyu all the way for me. The teeth in the estream one bothers me even if that seems a lot more canon. Plus, I love sitting figures so it wasn’t even a contest.

    That said, I definitely would have chosen the Koto one out of the three hands down if his default face was the one with the mask, though, since I like that the best... but I’m not willing to jump through hoops getting his bonus face as he isn’t even my main JJK favorite X’D so furyu it is.
    12 days ago
    I have one Furyu F.Nex figure and it is absolutely gorgeous so I definitely vote for that one :DDD
    12 days ago
    I'm team estream. My reasons for it are: pose is way more dynamic, it's an actual Gojo pose straight from the manga cover, it's quite a bit cheaper, and for me, I think the blue contrasts a lot more with Gojo. The FuRyu one to me just has too much purple going on. That said, I do think the FuRyu face is a little better.
    12 days ago
    I actually have all three of those preordered but until now I love the eStream the most. XD
    So I say, if you're gonna have a Gojou one, might as well get the best looking one <3

    Koto for me is basically for just the bonus face cause I want a Gojou with his facemask and it's how we see it like 90% of the time anyway.
    12 days ago
    I had a long discussion with a retired collector friend (who also isn't familiar with Jujutsu Kaisen besides what I tell her) about this. Looking specifically at craftsmanship, she made a great case for the Furyu figure:

    - The shading/highlights are better on the clothes on the Furyu one compared to the Estram one. It's easy to make dark clothes look flat, and the Furyu one takes extra care to prevent that.
    - The Furyu one looks more like Gojo. (My own note, I read the sculptor interview on the Estream one, and they admitted that they aren't sure if it looks like Gojo even though they were trying to copy the manga cover as best they could.)
    - The Furyu one draws focus on the eyes, which are supposed to be one of his most distinguishing features.

    One thing I also noticed is that the domain expansion stuff has the Infinite Void effect behind him. And while the Estream one is using clear plastic to look like water, it can look cheap if not done well.
    12 days ago
    setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
    I would go with the first one, I think it looks cooler and the company seems to produce high quality figures which are high in demand. It would likely go up in the aftermarket.
    12 days ago
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