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  • I love Koto. They have the best character selection among all the manufacturers and don't just stick to the same old IPs. Plus they have the best prices. Their quality isn't top-tier but is definitely pretty solid and worth what you're paying for. Also Koto releases on time. I have quite a few Koto figures, 63 to be exact. I'm eternally grateful to them for giving me ITEM #236268 and ITEM #236265.
    13 days ago
    I love them. I've never not been satisfied with a Koto figure. I especially love my Black Butler figures that I have (and will acquire the two I don't), and my FMA Mustang (still want to get the Ed).

    I'm really looking forward to getting Luna and Celestia from their MLP line. Those look amazing.

    And their prices are also great, IMO.
    13 days ago
    I really like Koto. They make the Artfx Pokemon line and MLP line, both of which I collect. I also collect figures occasionally from their other series and random figures of more obscure characters.

    In terms of quality, they are not as good as more expensive manufacturers. However, I mostly buy simpler, cheaper figures from them, so that is expected. They do have a few figures I felt were really good for the price.

    My top three:
    ITEM #236143 Sakura was one of my first figures and is still a favorite due to the iconic outfit and pose, even though she is outclassed in terms of quality by the expensive GSC figures.
    ITEM #464675 This is one of my favorite Lelouch figures. I feel like it is really nice looking compared to the older MH ones and comparable to some of the newer ones.
    ITEM #463457 This is still my favorite figure of Mustang. I have seen others recently that looked good, like MH's Mustang and Riza, but I still like this one due to the design.

    I am really looking forward to ITEM #1034802 and ITEM #1034804. The other MLP figures have been nice, but these look very intricate and more like centerpieces than the others.
    13 days ago
    i love kotobukiya!! a lot of my favorite figures come from that manufacturer
    i like their older figures more than their newer figures lolol
    13 days ago
    I love Koto! Even though the quality isn't as consistent as some other manufacturers (some of my Koto figures have small noticeable flaws) I really appreciate them as they're more or less the most affordable scale manufacturer. Their prices are rising but not really at a different rate than everybody else, so they're still the cheapest.

    Kotobukiya are the manufacturer that got me into collecting anime figures, with their My Little Pony Bishoujo line. I've been a toy collector for much, much longer than I've been a figure collector, and MLP has always been my favorite toyline ever since I got into it a decade ago. When I saw that Koto announced an anime style figure of Pinkie Pie I knew I had to get her as a fan of ponies and anime. Then they announced more and I decided I would be getting them all lol.

    Another thing I love about Koto is they do a fairly wide array of IPs. Not as many as Good Smile, but they still put out a good variety.

    My Kotobukiya figures:

    ITEM #675659
    ITEM #689829
    ITEM #464678
    ITEM #735605
    ITEM #806148
    ITEM #464702
    ITEM #1006746
    ITEM #806155
    ITEM #806157
    ITEM #1034800
    ITEM #945903
    ITEM #1170812
    ITEM #1037033

    Mostly ponies, who would have thought?
    13 days ago
    i'm going to be biased. i used to be able to buy koto figures for 40 dollars each when they started their Shining series. They can't compare with GSC and Max Factory in terms of quality but they are the only active company making the Tony Taka designs.

    Then when max factory began their T2 beach girls series, eventually almost every major company joined and they each created 2 to 3 characters. this is where we can have fair comparisons, with same series, same scale. koto is definitely lagging behind but still above Vertex. That was around 2013-2014

    This psylocke from 2013 deserves a mention since she's exceptionally well made and exceeded my expectations. i'm hoping the Berserker musashi will have similar quality ITEM #945893
    13 days ago
    Honestly, I love Kotobukiya! ( ´ ▽ ` )
    I think they're in my top 3 fav manufacturers, both their older and newer figures~
    Personally, I really like how they stayed affordable compared to GSC/Alter/FuRyu..
    My favorite figures are also made by them, and I can't wait to buy more of their stuff!
    13 days ago
    I think they can be very hit/miss. They make wonderful sculpts and have a large selection that suits many tastes. However, their quality isn't the best. They are slightly cheaper than the best so I guess you really get what you pay for with them. I have a lot by them because overall, they're great.
    13 days ago
    Koto is my favorite manufacturer right now. I love the IPs they have, and their figures have interesting poses and bases. Their quality's gone up over the years while still staying decently priced.
    14 days ago
    Koto is my ride or die
    14 days ago
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value