Comments Any tips and tricks for a beginner?

  • in my opinion a figure is well worth its price (even if the base price is high) if after release it increases in value. I advise not paying aftermarket prices for already released figures (unless its an absolute must have) but pre ordering figures that you like AND expect to increase in value. increases in price post release depends on the figure itself, how popular the character is, and the manufacturer. If you can pay the lowest price for a figure (usually on pre order) and you keep your figures in good condition you can generally make all if not most of your money back if you decide to sell. This is generally the reason why i personally dont like the advice of buying cheap or low quality prize figures as i think those are likely to not go up in value which can lead to selling at a loss if you decide to get out of the hobby or that you dont want said figure anymore. I think most figures tend to hold a decent amount of their value but the higher the quality of the figure USUALLY the higher the chance the figure can retain its price post release and in some cases go up.
    12 days ago
    Start with some prize figures. Sure they aren't super detailed but they are as nice as the more expensive ones. I started with prize figures and now i collect ones over $300 ;u; please dont fall in the same hole.

    If you decide you want to start collecting scales, its best to pre-order since the figures have a possibility to skyrocket after release due to popularity. If you wish to pay upfront, I'd go with a site like Solaris but if you can't pay upfront, try sites like AmiAmi where you would pay when the figure is ready to ship out. I'd try to stay on sites that are MFC approved but AmiAmi is a really nice one.

    In the case you decide you want to collect older scales (scales that are already released) I'd use AmiAmi pre-owned or Solaris pre-owned. You can also use this site pretty often to find what you want off your wishlist. Mandarake is also reliable for buying or checking prices of figures you may want to be sure no one is scalping you.

    This is all i can think of- there are tons of helpful videos by Youtubers that can help a lot . Good luck on your journey!
    12 days ago
    Run away!

    It's too late for us, we're already doomed... our wallets emptied, our spirits ensnared by these siren statues...

    But it's not too late for you! Run! Run far, run fast! Before... before it's too late!
    12 days ago
    Not all are hundreds of dollars! I'm new to this as well but prize figures are pretty cheap(like $20-35 I've seen), the popup parade figures by good smile company are a great choice(they are a bit better quality than prize figures, but still pretty cheap!), also nendoroids tend to be like $30-45 and they are super cute!!!
    12 days ago
    As a fellow beginner but also somebody that has been collecting some pokemon-related items for a while, I highly recommend stalking out sites like Mandarake and Suruga-ya if you can use a proxy service! I've gotten some lovely items at really good prices relating to the pokemon I collect from there!
    12 days ago
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