Comments Do Stand Stone’s Onemutan figures always come in capsules?

noctisity 何か用か?❀
I frequently buy gashapon items in bulk, and depending on the seller, yes, it's possible the capsule is not included. (Actually, I wish they would stop including them because it increases volumetric weight...)

As long as the item is still sealed in plastic, you can probably assume it's official. You can also check the bottom of the figure for copyright information.

As Kiromita mentioned, the leaflets are always included outside the plastic bag so sometimes the seller doesn't bother keeping them or it just gets lost somewhere.
1 year ago
I think it's pretty common for them to be sold without the capsule, however, mine have always come with the leaflets. The leaflets are not inside the plastic bag packaging but sit loose in the capsule. I'm not sure why they would cite the weight as the reasoning behind not sending the leaflet since it's just a thin paper which weighs next to nothing. I'm not too sure on whether or not it's possible to buy them in bulk or how that process works so I can't really speak on that. But I think it's possible that the figure could be authentic, assuming that they just didn't keep the leaflets. You could also try asking for images of the bottom of the figure, because each onemutan figure has letter markings on the bottom of it. Many of the JJK ones have "GA/S, JKP" embossed on the back. If the ones they're selling match up with the markings of the official figure, you can feel more encouraged that it's authentic.
1 year ago
The leaflets always come loose outside of the plastic figure-holding bag, but inside the capsule. Perhaps the seller just picked out all the leaflets in the bulk order and threw em all out.
1 year ago