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tsuyoshitsuyoshi1 month ago
Selling her mint in box and unopened for $475 with free international shipping via FedEx/DHL/EMS directly from Japan (delivered within 5-7 business days). Available unless this ad states otherwise.

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New (MIB)
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Sealed and new (MIB)
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Purchased Yoko from tsuyoshi recently, and she just arrived in perfect shape! Very pleased to be able to see this figure in person. Exceeded my expectations 100%. She came as advertised, I don't see really any flaws/defects

She was shipped very promptly to me Via EMS, and arrived quickly, and safely. Packaging was top notch. The figure inside came wrapped very professionally and should be a standard in the shipping of these figures that have delicate ears/other pieces. I've seen some pretty awful packing jobs, but this was packed with much care.

Would recommend you check out tsuyoshi!
8 days ago