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Sakura-MikuSakura-Miku7 years ago
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Mikaino Going to Gencon!
Veki, I really think it'll be fine. xD I think they learned that the original was REALLY corny, and they tweaked everyone to painfully cliche extremes. (Which I feel is fine for little GIRLS/BOYS, but when adults or older kids are watching it, we cringe because we know how cliche it really it, haha.)I actually HATED anime Mars, she was taken to such ...*cough* extremes that I couldn't ever stand her. I liked her in the manga, she seemed more "human" in the manga. ^^; So I just hope they don't get creative again with their personalities.
7 years ago
They better stick to the manga this time. They better make a lot of episodes (I hate it how most of new anime have either 13 or 26 episodes, so a lot of them suck since that's too little episodes to develop the story & characters. And if they make a 2nd or 3rd season, there's sometimes a lot of time between 2 seasons. T__T)

They better not make it too fanservicey, but they better not censor anything either (like naked girls during transformations). I don't want it to be made for little girls either (there are enough shows for them already). And please no tons of filler episodes a la ''monster of the week'' this time.

They better not throw Sailor Pluto out since Pluto isn't a planet any more. ><; (Then again, Moon isn't either. :D But yeah, I'm a bit scared.)
And they better not delay the anime to 2014 or 2015. Because we will all die of anticipation. XD
7 years ago
i would like to see it too <3
7 years ago
maximimon The New Shadow Emperor
I would like to see how the remake is already !!
7 years ago