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Tales of Symphonia Club

This is the shrine to worship Tales of Symphonia, the best JRPG ever made - the pearl of Tales of-series. Meet fellow fans, show your collection, talk about general opinions and vent over feels. Mind spoilers, please. All things Tales of Symphonia are welcome here.

Rules are quite obvious and simple. To be a true member of this club, all you gotta do is love Tales of Symphonia (and perhaps even Tales of series in general) AND treat other members with respect.

We Tales of-fans need to stick together and unite !

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Sorry for my recent in-activity. Graduation and depression has kept me busy (and slacking -cough-) Aanyway, I am looking for capable, interesting moderators to help me revive and modify this club to make it a more lively and interesting place.
2 years ago
Twas an amazing series
4 years ago

They done Phantasia, Abyss, almost Destiny and now Vesperia completed figures. Why not Symphonia? x)

I want Presea Completed figure!!
7 years ago
Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
I have so many horror stories associated with this game, but also a whole bunch of good memories. I love this game and I wish there were better figures for it <3
8 years ago
Ilvias adorable little doll
Many years have been passed, but TOS will be always my favorite geme <3
8 years ago
:3 ToS club? cool~

I just wish a Yuan figure existed...
8 years ago
Waaaaa~h!!! We have a ToS Club?
Awesome! I love this game. Played it like five or six times and never managed the dungeon in that damn wicked book! -_-;
8 years ago
Kratos Rules!!!!!!
8 years ago
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