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dare2dreamdare2dream4 years agoMisc
The Son Gohan Club!
Join and discuss what draws you to Gohan! Feel free to show off your collection of Gohan figures & wants, as well as sharing the excitement of upcoming releases. Let's enjoy our unity as FANS!

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Nice!! I haven't managed to grab that one yet, but it's a really nice one. Congrats!

My favorite saga Gohan - for sure Cell saga Gohan. It was the epitome of what Gohan's story was all about, and I loved every moment of it. My second favorite...oh man..I think Namek saga Gohan. He'd finally gotten the grasp of battle thanks to his experience from the Saiyan saga, and I really enjoyed seeing him grow in power and show bravery against Freeza & his men. Saiyan saga Gohan was of course responsible for making me a fan of his in the first place. :)
4 years ago
Finding this club motivated me to get some more Gohan figures, so I ordered ITEM #23058. Besides the Figuarts I've only owned gashapon items, so excited for him.

What's your favorite saga Gohan? I'm a big fan of Cell saga Gohan (age 11), followed by Saiyan saga Gohan (age 5). I remember relating to Gohan really well when I watched DBZ as a kid. He was probably the first character I ever became a "fan" of.
4 years ago