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proyectzeroproyectzero7 years ago

★★デート・ア・ライブ Date a Live >_<★★
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favorite character ?

31%Tohka Yatogami.
40%Kurumi Tokisaki.
7%Kotori Itsuka.
2%Shido Itsuka.
4%Origami Tobiichi.
0%Tamae Okamine.
1%Reine Murasame.
0%Mana Takamiya.
4%Tohka, Yoshino and Kurumi
1%Yoshino and Kotori
1%Miku Izayoi
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Comments34 comments

Anyone else hyped for Date A Bullet?
6 months ago
Did anyone heard the news regarding new anime series for DAL?
Quite exciting!
2 years ago
ComboChrist S-Rank-Spirit
proyectzero3 years ago#15038901Club revivido >_<

Why the hell did you (or someone else) change the title to "DAL ClubRE? Sounds idiotic.
3 years ago
Club revivido >_<
3 years ago
Tokha is the cutest of all definitely !!

By the way, does anyone know when it will launch the new OVA Mayuri Live Date to judgment? .I Want to see .... T_T
4 years ago
Tokisaki Kurumi by far!
5 years ago
Is there a beach queen figures of the series, especially Tohka and Kurumi?
5 years ago
Volume 11 of the light novel, Tobiichi Devil, due for release on September 20th.
5 years ago
Is your body ready for Season 3? After the OVA in December this year? :P
6 years ago
Anyone has any idea if Phat is gonna release more Date A Live figures, especially Tokisaki? I really don't want Griffon. :(
6 years ago
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