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Rivaille (Levi) Fan club!
TsuntakuTsuntaku7 years ago
Lance Corporal Levi (リヴァイ, Rivai?, often romanized as Rivaille) is a corporal in the Scouting Legion, and is said to be humanity's most powerful soldier. He was also the squad leader of the Special Operations Squad. (Source: shingekinokyojin.wikia.com)
If you're a big fan of Levi, feel free to join this club!
I'd clean with Levi-sama anyday! o(`ω´ )o
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IF you guys are looking for a preorder of Levi at about $47 (including shipping), go to Crunchyroll right now before this Memorial Day weekend ends. They still have him up for preorder, and have a 15% off sale. Better hurry!

6 years ago
Hi, im selling Levi Brave act unopened and sealed, new,
Pm me if interested!
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6 years ago
6 years ago
OMG LEVI *fangirling*
6 years ago
These are really awesome. www.crunchyroll...
6 years ago
Whoah. Thanks for joining the club everyone! The number 80 shocked me...
7 years ago
UnlimitedCodes7 years ago#1721078He's is epic (and kinda cute): www.youtube.com...

He's epically cute! Haha, someone had that linked on tumblr. Makes me smile every time.
7 years ago
He's is epic (and kinda cute): www.youtube.com...
7 years ago
Raithos Stagnant
7 years ago
Maybe if you could only chose one, most of the females would pick Levi and the males Mikasa. But if you had to say your 2nd favorite, maybe then it wouldn´t be such a difference in the genders. It´s just my personal opinion, though...

Is not possible to do a poll here in the club?
7 years ago