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Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san (よんでますよ、アザゼルさん), lit. You're Being Summoned, Azazel-san.) is a Japanese comedy manga written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Kubo. A 13-episode anime adaptation by Production I.G aired in Japan between April and July, 2011. A second season aired during April 2013

http://img15.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_965901Azazelsanavatar4.jpg http://img15.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_300300Azazelsanavatar3.jpg http://img15.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_372063Azazelsanavatar5.jpg http://img15.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_958401Azazelsanavatar7.jpg
Azazel (アザゼル - Voiced by Masaya Onosaka) is a dog-like demon & the title character. He is a pervert who gets never-ending enjoyment in sexually harassing others, especially Sakuma. He is also deathly afraid of Akutabe, who tends to abuse him when he gets out of line. His ability is called Lewdness, which gives him the ability to incite lust. His powers range from making people attractive, unattractive, and even cause impotence.

Beelzebub (ベルゼブブ - Voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya) is a childhood penguin-like friend of Azazel who is a part of an elite family of demons. He is actually a fly demon who eats feces much to the disgust of those around him. He also has an ability called Divulgence which gives him the power to make others reveal the side of them they don't want people to see...

Rinko Sakuma (佐隈 りん子 - Voiced by Rina Satō) is the young female assistant of Akutabe. Young and naive, she is just starting to learn about the power of demons. She is bound in a contract with Azazel. She appears to be one of the more moral people in the series early on, but as she learns more about demons, she becomes considerably darker.

Akutabe (芥辺 - Voiced by Daisuke Namikawa) is a detective that specializes in using demons. He is very knowledgeable in the occult, and uses this knowledge to overpower the demons, even enabling him to block a powered up Divulgence spell from Beelzebub. He has shown to be cruel and rather sadistic causing even demons to be afraid of him.



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02 years agoSgt_PositiveSgt_Positive
Pics & items links updated. :)
03 years agoMikokoMikoko 夢をうるたびびと
Thank you for inviting me, my べーさく (ruler shot) doujinshi collection are sanctuary.
Let’s hope some good company decides to make good figure soon. ><
13 years agoBloodyEarthBloodyEarth
New OVA confirmed! It will cover Sea Anemone Arc and will be bundled with Volume 11 of Manga.

Trailer on YouTube: [ext link ]
03 years agopucakuro1pucakuro1
Me wants some Moloch, but sadly can't even find this one item #68718
04 years agoSgt_PositiveSgt_Positive
Thank you for joining the club. :)

Azazel-san needs more love ! I'm really hoping for a third season. Does someone know more about it?
04 years agoBloodyEarthBloodyEarth
692718 (4 years ago) #1914893I'll patiently wait until the day where Alphamax decide to make a Beeyan figure.
Yes, I am still waiting for Beelzebub as well. Really hope Alphamax would continue.
04 years agokuuumakuuuma
Woohoo! I was so excited when a "season 2" was "announced"
pfffft /sads

04 years agoRoronoaDevKunRoronoaDevKun
Thanks for the invitation !
I'd like to have a figure of Azazel's true form, and Beelzebub too!
04 years ago692718692718
I'll patiently wait until the day where Alphamax decide to make a Beeyan figure.
04 years agoyuebingyuebing
Sgt_Positive (4 years ago) #1914512Welcome! :)
The anime had some success in Japan, so there's hope... :D
The only problem is : the chara-design is everything but moe. I'm not sure manufacturers would take that risk... :/

Gah, the thing about moe is true :( maybe it could depend on how well has done Azazel... Megahouse, risk ittttt!

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