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ladybugladybug6 years ago

A club for all characters that are canonically, or can be interpreted as, transgender/nonbinary!

I made this be a 'safe space' of sorts where anybody can openly discuss & admire their favorite characters without being bombarded by the transphobia found everywhere on this website.

Obviously I don't know every trans character out there, so comments & messages are definitely appreciated! This club runs 99% on suggestions!

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ENTRY #24333 can be interpreted as a trans man, as in earlier games he debuts a girl idol until coming out as a boy in sidem

"The events of his Good Ending in Dearly Stars are followed up in (SideM's) continuity; he revealed himself as a boy and began openly working as a male idol, but he was able to keep some fans. To his relief, he was able to present himself as how he'd originally wished to. Daigo and Kazuki, his future group-mates, were inspired by the courage it took to confess."
14 days ago
Entry #112272 is a trans woman!!
19 days ago
I have some suggestions for characters to add :)

ENTRY #175625 is a trans woman
ENTRY #3128 and ENTRY #7575 switch sexes multiple times throughout the series and appear to be genderqueer/nonbinary!
27 days ago
freezermilk Cute Girl Enthusiast
it's that time again! more characters for the pile~

ENTRY #167869 trans girl
ENTRY #98533 trans girl
ENTRY #139727 genderfluid (leaning towards transmasc as series progresses)
ENTRY #156022 trans girl
ENTRY #63055 genderfluid/nb
ENTRY #43922 nonbinary
ENTRY #27427 trans girl
ENTRY #179366 trans girl
ENTRY #52460 trans man
ENTRY #60272 Adheres to he/him pronouns and strictly rejects the notion that he is a woman.
ENTRY #106045 trans girl
ENTRY #145513 trans girl
ENTRY #172738 agender
ENTRY #145514 trans girl
ENTRY #88507 nonbinary/agender, uses genderless pronouns and appears androgynous/masculine despite female biology
ENTRY #108351 agender and sexless, eventually identifying as a woman
ENTRY #182425 trans woman
ENTRY #62664 trans girl
ENTRY #81565 trans girl
ENTRY #193751 gnc trans girl
ENTRY #80550 trans girl
ENTRY #88147 trans girl/genderfluid
ENTRY #143087 trans girl
ENTRY #83189 trans boy
ENTRY #119438 trans girl
ENTRY #145431 trans girl
ENTRY #54866 nonbinary they/them pronouns
ENTRY #179880 intersex nonbinary and bi... because binaries of any kind are for suckers lol
ENTRY #48029 nonbinary transmasc
ENTRY #191537 trans girl
ENTRY #34788 trans girl
ENTRY #182790 nonbinary
ENTRY #92534 post-op trans man

some more debatable cases:

ENTRY #151180 k so this is an odd one again; i'll just say his human body is physically female... so whether he's *technically* trans or not, the trans vibes are still totally there

ENTRY #71764 has no preferred gender, switches between sexes and genders, but mainly stays as he/him and male. apparently does not remember what sex he was born as

ENTRY #75827 can be considered bigender or genderfluid a-la ranma, although he displays great joy being in his female form and embraces feminine pronouns from the get-go

ENTRY #5976 word of god says nonbinary even if translations don't

also related manga, not characters:
ENTRY #106406 which heavily contains trans and nonbinary characters

ENTRY #171382 the main character is canonically they/them nonbinary and it's a deceptively tasteful story about them and their otoko-no-ko co-workers exploring their relationships to gender! several of their coworkers are also trans

ENTRY #145674 and this sweet story about the trans author and her husband

ENTRY #115437 main character is an intersex trans girl
28 days ago
freezermilk Cute Girl Enthusiast
Tisbis7 months ago#75727606what says he's nb?
It's stated that he doesn't have a preferred gender, but chooses to use masculine pronouns and identify as male while on earth to avoid sexual harassment. It's not *explicit* canon necessarily, but the distinction is there
29 days ago
ladybug nyaruhodo~ ♡
thanks everyone for the suggestions and comments! i haven't been very active on mfc lately (lol) so i haven't had the opportunity to add them and i feel a lil guilty ;;v;; but i added everyone! hope someone sees <3
29 days ago
hii technically Entry #46455 is trans!! in the manga, he was born a girl but then transformed into a boy a few hours later. so, born a girl, transitioned into a guy :D
2 months ago
Kaneel on Ice

since this is a very active club i wanted to leave a note about this smaller issue somewhere visible.

There does the tag Trans exist tag/142368 and i've seen it being used to tag transgender characters instead of the out of date terms like tomboy, trap, reverse trap etc.
However, this tag belongs to a company of the same name ENTRY #126687
To avoid having a company lumped in, it would be appreciated to use the full term tag tag/189857 transgender instead.

Thanks for your thoughtfulness
2 months ago
how about ENTRY #106667 ? she loves girly things and the creator has implied that she wants to be a girl
5 months ago
freezermilk7 months ago#75421886ENTRY #191945 well. they are a canonically NB hermaphroditic angel sooooz what says he's nb?
7 months ago
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