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ladybugladybug7 years ago

A club for all characters that are canonically, or can be interpreted as, transgender/nonbinary!

I made this be a 'safe space' of sorts where anybody can openly discuss & admire their favorite characters without being bombarded by the transphobia found everywhere on this website.

Obviously I don't know every trans character out there, so comments & messages are definitely appreciated! This club runs 99% on suggestions!

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tomura prev. rimi
RealKakarot3 days ago#101414542ENTRY #226171 - Yamato from One Piece is confirmed to be 100% Female by the author himself. Therefore the Trans Character on Related Club section is a little misleading.

theres a line in the description that says "can be interpreted as trans" yamato might not be confirmed canon trans but people in canon do continually call him masculine terms and the fandom pretty much believe hes trans even if canon disproves it (even before canon disproved it)

there are a few non canonical (afaik) trans characters linked to the club so idk why yamato would be an exception now.

example i can think of on the fly is kendo itsuka from hero academia; linked to this club, not specifically stated to be trans canonically.
3 days ago
ENTRY #226171 - Yamato from One Piece is confirmed to be 100% Female by the author himself. Therefore the Trans Character on Related Club section is a little misleading.
3 days ago
It is totally fine if he is not added. But me and several other people headcanon ENTRY #54115 as a trans boy.

*Spoilers for Magi: and the Kingdom of Magic*
View spoilerHide spoilerTitus is a clone of ENTRY #55060 who is a woman, but Titus identifies as a boy and uses he/him pronouns. He also gets offended when other characters mistake him for a girl (It is actually stated that is something he actively worries about). Although it isn’t stated if he is AFAB or not (Thus he is not canonically confirmed to be trans) If he is a clone of a female character (Who uses she/her pronouns) , and they never talk about his biological sex, I personally think that he can be interpreted as a trans boy.

I’m sorry if my wording possibly makes some people uncomfortable. I promise that is definitely not my intention.
3 days ago
tomura1 month ago#99667158Voice actor confirmed paimon is NB and their VA is also NB. (IIRC)Hi, I'm just a passerby, but Paimon's English VA Corina Boettger is not a reliable source. They've been cherry-picking story details to fit their narrative and presenting headcanons as official information, which have at no point in time been confirmed by miHoYo. Paimon is currently thought to be female.

Just as a note, I wouldn't mind if she turns out to actually be non-binary/genderfluid/agender in the future. In fact, I would love it! I just don't agree with claiming one's headcanons to be canon :)
4 days ago
ENTRY #206789 is nonbinary/genderfluid
7 days ago
ENTRY #212627 twitter.com/sca... Not sure how accurate the translation is in regards to the word "guy", but not sure how else to interpret this scene other than her being trans!
20 days ago
watamote わたモテ ♡
rimi27 days ago#100288925ENTRY #4809 i believe
thank you so so much !!
26 days ago
tomura prev. rimi
watamote27 days ago#100288720ah... who is the cutie in the description ?

ENTRY #4809 i believe
27 days ago
watamote わたモテ ♡
ah... who is the cutie in the description ?
27 days ago
freezermilk Cute Girl Enthusiast
Funf3tt1fr0st1ng1 month ago#99904078I'm not sure how much this one counts but ENTRY #123648
Because Utau and vocaloids dont have much of a canon its mostly headcanon but she has both "male"and "female" voice banks and many ppl headcanon her as intersex and/or trans:) (on the utau wiki it says in her dislikes that she says she hates talking about her gender)
So yeah like I said im not sure if it counts.

Added! No worries, I accept most characters who have like, ambiguous ~gender vibes~ in their canon!
1 month ago