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Any PS4 European Hunters here?
6 months ago
Jeffle323 (10 months ago) #31346032Anyone selling any CFB Creators? Looking to buy
I think after I spoke with one of the 3 Chinese-based sellers thae selling questionable CFB ) items, the amount of factory-defect CFBs have risen.

I can confirm they are indeed selling legitimate ones (goldjinbao at least), but they are factory defects, so they won't have original boxes, and the painting will be poorly done in certain areas. I have a Gore Magala that's got thick solid baby blue on his right wing rather than the metallic sheen. The plus side to it all is that they're inexpensive, the shipping is good and you probably won't get knocked for customs.

Maiduo and dreamcaa are the other two sellers. Definitely ask for photos of a specific one, because they aren't revealing any imperfections with the photos they have.
9 months ago
Anyone selling any CFB Creators? Looking to buy
10 months ago
I suck at designing things, if anyone wants to be an admin or mod, let me know :)
1 year ago
Anyone know of any figures that have a hunting horn? I found one so far, but there are only minimal details about it: shopovertheworl...

After doing some more research it looks like there have been two standalone hunting horns released as part of the Monster Hunter Hunting Weapons Collection series. plamoya.com/en/...
1 year ago
Does anyone know how much a used Lagiacrus figure cost? Specifically this one ITEM #98603
2 years ago
Bought my first Capcom Figure Builder Creator's Model - Rusted Kushala Daora recently and wow I was amazed, instant fan. Now I just order Oroshi Kirin and looking to see if I can get my hands on a Jinmetsujin Dinovaldo. I've always been a fan of dragons and mystical creatures (also played Monster Hunter Tri) and I don't think any other studios (NA) can make better monster figures than these guys from what I've seen.
2 years ago
Could someone add this Ichiban Kuji Set or am i just bad at using the search engine?


I tried every combination i could think of.. Thanks in advance.
2 years ago
Does anyone know the number of the Seregios palico figure? I'm new to this site and having trouble finding it ><
Sorry if this is a dumb question.
2 years ago
Hi, you guys seem to like Monster Hunter (duh) so I was wondering if you could help me out with something. I have uploaded a bunch of MH entries as a part of a multifranchise product line these past few days, but I'm actually not familiar with this franchise or any of its characters! The characters have really strange names so on some of these entries, I haven't listed the characters displayed because I can't find out who they are. So I'm wondering if any of you could help me out with adding them, since you most definitely know them better than I do! Here they are:

View spoilerHide spoilerITEM #421592
ITEM #421593
ITEM #422591
ITEM #422594
ITEM #422605
ITEM #422603
ITEM #422686
ITEM #422677
ITEM #422679
ITEM #423203
ITEM #423208
ITEM #423210
ITEM #423213
ITEM #423207
ITEM #423193
ITEM #423209
ITEM #423236

I honestly don't know if there's any particular difference between the cats. All these entries are drafted, so anyone can add them. Sorry for the trouble, and thanks!

They've been added now. Thanks, BloodFlower!
2 years ago
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