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YanderechiiYanderechii5 years ago
A club for figures related to food/sweets!
A club.. or maybe a restaurant?
created for people like me who want to quench their hunger & thirst by looking at delicious plastic food.



Entry rules for said figures!
✿ Looks delicious~
✿ Makes your mouth water..
✿ licking your figures isn't accepted
✿ Agree that Animated food is Superior to irl one *damn you Shokugeki no Soma*
✿ As long as the figure has a food item or is a type of food, (e; Gudetama) it is accepted.

(This Club is also a Database for Glutton characters)

Itadakimasu! (っ*´∀`*)っ♥
Jinx by ENCYCLOPEDIA #69459 / Stocking icon by ENCYCLOPEDIA #69543
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oh I seriously love food themed figures!!

noticed that while birthday cake Miku was here, her chocolate variant isn’t: ITEM #1022286

and this entire series of figures for KNY and Detective Conan: ENTRY #170816

and some Honoka’s that have chocolate, bread and bread respectively:
ITEM #247208
ITEM #343307
ITEM #318679

and Squalo which comes with a tuna, and a GS bonus steak
ITEM #740272
26 days ago
I found a set of Free! Trading figures that have cupcakes incorporated.
ITEM #239199
ITEM #239196
ITEM #239197
ITEM #239198
ITEM #239201
1 month ago
chiyoismywifey1 month ago#91874577.hikarisunshine1 month ago#92193249. Anyone can join, unless that has changed but I looked through the settings and you two should be able to c: it’s at the top of the club pages written in small usually i believe « join club » or something like that.
1 month ago
That was one convincing presentation! I'm hungry just by reading it!! And I am totally team representation of food > real food, I'd love to be part of the club but I'm new here so I have no idea how you join / ask to join... I have cute gacha girls figures in hamburgers and sushi to share though :)
1 month ago
Can I join? ^^
1 month ago
New Miku!
2 months ago
I'm pretty busy recently so it's hard to keep the club up to date, if anyone sees this & wants to give a hand, feel free, I can add as mod c:
2 months ago
7 months ago