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Tsuki City Pokemon Gym
CarrieCarrie9 years agoMisc
http://i47.tinypic.com/ftm3wz.gif WELCOME
Hey, champ in the making! Welcome to the Tsuki City Pokémon Gym! The trainers here specialize in FIGURE and PLUSH type Pokémon!

http://i34.tinypic.com/331lwuc.gif THE POKÉDEX
This is a club for fans of the Pocket Monsters (Pokémon) series and the figures and toys related to it. I didn't see any groups related to it so I decided to make one myself! Please feel free to join, discuss, and contribute~!

There are still a lot of uncharted Pokémon out there, so let's work together to fill the database pokédex with entries!

http://i34.tinypic.com/1060vhh.gif UPDATES
*KICKS DOWN THE DOOR, POKEBALLS GO FLYING EVERYWHERE.* Hello everyone. So very sorry for my extended absence in actually writing here/slowness in adding things to the club! I'm going to work on catching everything up this coming weekend including all the Gen 6 goodies that have been coming out. Would anyone be interested in helping me as a moderator or whatever the term is? I may make a forum post about it.

Good evening everybody! Are you stoked about B/W 2 coming out soon? We've seen a lot of merch this gen, including a surprising amount for some of the trainers! I'll keep working hard to catch up on all the stuff I haven't added to the club, so you all keep on adding it! If you spot something I've missed, feel free to let me know!
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All 151 original pokemon will have a plush (30 soon, the rest to come in november). BEST THING POKEMON CENTER HAS DONE IN YEARS.
7 months ago
Are we alive here XD;;; There's so much Pokemon stuff coming out still but there's hardly any club activity on mfc D:!
1 year ago
Hello, fellow poke-fans! Thought you might enjoy this:

I have a Ponyta/Rapidash fetish: PICTURE #1533904

And then also have charizard and rayquaza figures: PICTURE #1533903
2 years ago
Anybody here collect Pokemon Pan Stickers? I've got a Pan Sticker shop here~ splashpan.store...
Pan stickers are awesome! They can be used and REUSED on many surfaces. I personally use them to decorate my laptop, windows, cell phone case, 3DS, and much more!
Shipping is just a flat $1 for all US orders and $3 for international!
3 years ago
LovelyIdiot (4 years ago) #2664782Has anyone seen this book on the database? pokevault.com/T...

Don't think so, you could always add it yourself :)
3 years ago
Has anyone seen this book on the database? pokevault.com/T...
4 years ago
Chidoru Selling some figures!
I wish our database had more Pokémon merchandise! I'm starting to slowly add items as I order them. I encourage all of you to create database entries for any of your Pokémon merchandise that is not already listed here~
4 years ago
Hey everyone, I end up with a lot of Pokemon extra plush/figures/flats in the lots I get, they're up for sale/trade here for people interested! ^^~ splash.livejour...

4 years ago
Thought people here may get a laugh out of this. Remember it's all in good fun xD
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4 years ago
Excited for Red Nendo~~~
4 years ago
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Figures, Goodies and Dakimakura shop.




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