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Misaki Kurehito's Art

Misaki Kurehito's Art
Illustrator & character designer
Circle name: Cradle

Site cradle.cc / Twitter twitter.com/mis...

※ This is NOT a Saekano club.
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Calling all Kurehito fans! Are you insane devoted fans and buying ALL THINGS SAEKANO? Like the completed set by GSC, kimono ver. set and nendo. Now current bikini set also by GSC. And the "last set" by Max Factory?

Well I was wondering how will you display them? By set or by waifus? Or maybe it's easier for some of you who are only buying one waifu ;)

Even though only the first set is complete/released, I can't decide how to display them. ><
7 months ago
I'm finally home. I love Kurehito's works, nice to meet you fellow fans.
8 months ago