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BloempjeBloempje4 years ago
-- Warning: i am not responsible for nosebleeds coming from visiting or joining this club.
Proceed at own risk. Thank you. --

Do you love taking nice and lovely shots of your figures in NSFW mode? Then join this club! Bare breasted, fully naked, lewd combos, or close ups of some nice butts - You can find it all here.

For now there are certain rules though:
NSFW pictures made for reviews are not allowed, e.g. PICTURE #1452180. I want this club mainly for the creative photographers.
I also like to refrain from loli stuff, e.g. okayama ''underaged girls'' like ITEM #40276, ITEM #31681 or ITEM #77438; also the Infamous ITEM #144282.
Also CHAN is not allowed, MFC photographers only.

I sure love to take some lovely naked shots of my figures, in front of nice background or some water/oil shots. But water is my favorite.

You want a picture linked to the Club? leave a comment and it will be linked.

Best NSFW picture by
Bloempje: PICTURE #1524132

Best NSFW picture by
Bompen: PICTURE #1893211

Best NSFW picture by
SureFigures: PICTURE #1879821

Best NSFW picture by
Zestorm: PICTURE #1548607

Best NSFW picture by
sirg: PICTURE #1326564

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Trying my hand at NSFW photography. Enjoy ♡

PICTURE #2575686
PICTURE #2575687
PICTURE #2575688
2 months ago
Not sure how this works. Is this correct?
4 months ago
[NSFW] Dai-Yu - T2 Art☆Girls - Skytube(Alphamax)

BLOG #45913
7 months ago
[NSFW] Super Sonico - China Dress Ver. - Emontoys

BLOG #45904
7 months ago
Bloempje Hunting my grails
400 perv members reached! XD
10 months ago
Moeromoero2 years ago#47420638Hey guys,I've written an article about Jin-Lian.
BLOG #41804

It reminds me that I've never released my review xD
1 year ago
Follow the sequence of the photos to see how the story ends

PICTURE #2180083
1 year ago
Hey guys,I've written an article about Jin-Lian.
BLOG #41804
2 years ago
I spent all night setting this one up, haha

PICTURE #2071578

2 years ago
Bloempje2 years ago#40457197Hi! nice pictures. Articles can be linked by MOD/ADMINS of the club. So the way to ask is in here which you did. Linked it.
And i am so jealous you own her lol. omg i missed it and i am so pissed 32K on NY is just insane. lol. Well yeah hoping for a recolor release.

Thanks for the link and glad you like the pics! I missed getting Ping-yi myself at first when the pre-orders came up due to having other figures to buy but I got lucky and she was in stock for a good price at RightStuf just when I decided to pre-order the second figure in the series Jing-lian. I just got Jing-lian last week and hopefully I can find some time to do a review of her soon :)
2 years ago
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