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LittleStarLittleStar4 years ago
Revo & Sound Horizon Fanclub
...and Linked Horizon

Welcome to the club!
Here you can discuss anything related to Revo and his groups or just fave fun.
Feel free to take a look and join to us!
Thanks for visiting :)

Club Goodies
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Sound Horizon Official Website
Linked Horizon Official Website
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Linked Horizon Official Twitter
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WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
evariche4 years ago#16333505Hey there! So I have a number of Sanhora merch coming in (specifically can badges and the Märchen metal charms), and I already have a number of straps, including the Märchen and HalloYoru macarons. I'm interested in adding these to the database so I can keep track of them alongside the rest of my (non-Sanhora) collection -- I was wondering whether anybody might have resources as to what was released when, for what occasion, etc....?
Thanks for any help!

If you can find the stuff on Suruga-ya, they should have the release dates.
4 years ago