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SquidchanSquidchan5 years ago
Purple, violet, lilac, amethyst, lavender, mauve, orchid, all are welcome! Two-toned, streaks, gradients, highlights, and shading are too!

Feel free to suggest any characters and merch that's sure to be missing.

Not sure if it's too close to black, blue, red, white, silver, or pink? Go ahead and suggest it, more can't hurt!
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I love my waifu and her purple hair Neptune ♥️♥️♥️

5 months ago
yakushining your Highness
purple haired angel <3 ENTRY #3491
2 years ago
I love purple;.; especially in anime character hair.
2 years ago
Here are figures I own where the characters have purple hair (some may be on the edge):
ITEM #143936
ITEM #18
ITEM #531
ITEM #4910
ITEM #23836
ITEM #23
ITEM #197919
ITEM #257
ITEM #5736
ITEM #331522
ITEM #70431
ITEM #16022
4 years ago
ENCYCLOPEDIA #112340 what about her?
4 years ago
Eccmy4 years ago#16058807Here are a few suggestions for your club (only included characters with figures in the list below. I can tell you other characters having only goods if you wish
Thanks! Characters with nothing but goods are fine, I've been adding just figures because I'm mobile only right now and it gets tedious (and also cluttered) really fast this way.
4 years ago