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5 months ago
teto's new album - discontinued?

i have been regulary trying to find more information about the new album exit tunes was going to release with teto, but i've got nothing but bad news.
basically every site that appears on the front page of google when searching for tetoizm, or its JAN / catalog ID, says the "page doesn't exist" when it did before.

here's a few of them:
- animate
- rakuten
- cdjapan
- amazon.co.jp

but some sites still have the page up, but it either says the item is out of stock / that you can't order it:
- ponparemall
- tsutaya
- toranoana

or it's discontinued:
- hmv

i was hoping they'd give us more information about the album during its release on june 21st, but yeah. the only thing i can think of is if they changed its release to next year instead, since that's when teto's 10th anniversary actually is? i don't know, but that's what i'm hoping for at least!

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