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HeliodoraHeliodora5 years ago
I noticed that a lot of users don't look at the Shop or User listings when searching for an item, I want to make the procces a little more transparent with this club.

To have everything in one place and separated between US and EU listings.
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I'm looking to give up some preorders on AmiAmi for figures that don't have an entry in this database due to their Chinese origins. If you would like to pick these up, feel free to message me and we'll discuss further there. ^^

All preorders will be paid for by the buyer when the invoice is sent. A payment must be sent within 48 hours for the cost of the figure, and whatever the shipping cost is.

If there are any delays, I will let the buyer know as soon as I know. Also, some of these are provisional preorders, I will let the buyer know if it's fully cancelled.

These are the preorders I'm giving up!

———————- ♡ ———————-
Surtr: Magma Ver. 1/7 Scale
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❥ 16,400¥
❥ October 2022
❥ Myethos
❥ 295mm in height
AmiAmi List

———————- ♡ ———————-
Wei Wuxian & Lan Wangji: Cloud Recess Rhyme Ver.
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❥ Preorder bonus
❥ 26,360¥
❥ December 2022
❥ 120mm ~ 140mm in height
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———————- ♡ ———————-
Elaine: New Years Ver. 1/6 Scale
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❥ Preorder Bonus
❥ 24,200¥
❥ January 2023
❥ stepDREAM
❥ 270mm in height
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———————- ♡ ———————-

Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from someone who's interested soon!
9 days ago
Looking to buy the One Coin Mini Figure Collection Durarara!!x2 BOTH FULL SETS. If you have just one, that's fine! Contact me! Willing to pay a lot for them

ENTRY #79601

ENTRY #87538
12 days ago
looking to trade/sell some items! I’ll trade for anything in my wish list and I’ll trade multiple figures for scales or nendoroids. i’m hunting for all the fate nendoroids so those would be great! dm for prices if you’re interested in buying!
they’re all in pretty good condition! (dm for more info just in case) and most come with boxes.
based in canada! I can do international shipping but it’s very expensive. also idk how to link items sorry

Vocaloid - Megurine Luka - Toonize - Cartoon Color (FuRyu)

THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls - Takagaki Kaede - Espresto est - Dressy and Snow makeup (Bandai Spirits)

THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls - Sato Shin - Espresto est - Brilliant Dress (Bandai Spirits)

Naruto Shippuuden - Hatake Kakashi - Super Figure Collection (11) - 1/10 (ABYstyle, ABYstyle Studio)

Love Live! Sunshine!! - Kunikida Hanamaru - Gasha Portraits - Gasha Portraits Love Live! Sunshine!! 05 (Bandai)

Hugtto! Precure - Cure Yell - Bandai Shokugan - Candy Toy - Cuty Figure - HUGtto! Precure Cutie Figure 4 - Mother Heart

Star☆Twinkle Precure - Cure Soleil - Bandai Shokugan - Candy Toy - Cuty Figure - Star ☆ Twinkle Precure Cutie
2 months ago
[Giving up the pre-order for $250]
Arknights Nian - Unfettered Freedom Skin - 1/7 - AniGift

This figure is still in pre-order status. I pre-ordered her from TOM, but I am no longer want to keep her and looking for someone take the order, instead. U.S based. PayPal only. Not accepting cancellation.

Order Transition Process

Buyer paid $250 & provided a valid address > Seller changes shipping info to buyer's address

Oct. 2022

SHIPPING from U.S (via TOM)
US Standard Shipping (Ground)

You can DM me if you are interested.
2 months ago
kakusei 五伏
Hiya! I'm giving up on my FIGUARTS ZERO Fushiguro and Gojou preorders for cheaper. Feel free to DM if interested!
ITEM #1531634
ITEM #1479597
3 months ago
4 months ago
Souryuu Asuka Langley - Nendoroid
4 months ago
I'm selling all my Nendoroids and Figmas with free shipping. Will also be selling some of my scales soon.
LIST #188227
U.S. only.
4 months ago
Selling everything here: LIST #67251

Feel free to pm me! Will do discounts if you buy more than one.
4 months ago
Hello everyone :) This figure doesn't seem to be listed on the website otherwise I would create a normal ad for her, but I'm looking to sell my


She is unopened and stored out of sunlight in a smoke and pet free home. Please PM me with any questions and pictures please. Thanks!
4 months ago
We are Spreading the Love of All Japanese Figures and Games! Warehouse, Pay-later & Worldwide Shipping Available !