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freezermilkfreezermilk4 years ago
Is your collection full of magical girls, idols, and Sonicos?

Are you dedicated to girls in only the cutest outfits-- lolitas, maids, bunny girls and the like?

Does a glimpse of pink hair draw your eye every time?

Got a bunch of adorable loli & neko figures just because?

Do you have that one somber waifu who you have to wait until the right maid/swimsuit/plainclothes figure comes out, just so she can sit proudly on your shelves?

And did you ever just see a cute moe figure going for $10 and snatch it having no idea what early 2000s lolicon garbage she could have come from?

https://i.imgur.com/ImtEZEE.png Then you're in the right place! https://i.imgur.com/ImtEZEE.png

Here's a club to talk about your cute-only obsession, your dedication to a totally kawaii aesthetic!

Sharing pictures of kawaii collections is totally encouraged! Check out the pictures section for kawaii inspiration~
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Thank you for adding my photos <3
2 days ago
Patrickstarsfart1 year ago#83609123poop
Poop but pink this time
18 days ago
thanks for the photo add!! that's a first, it's an honor LOL
1 month ago
hi! i was wondering some tips for beginner collectors?
7 months ago
thank you for adding my photo! <3
7 months ago
could you add ITEM #874140, ITEM #888450, ITEM #236369, and ITEM #1072683?? they're so cute!!
9 months ago
thank you for adding my photo! :]
10 months ago
1 year ago
Loving this club! I've been a kawaii collector for such a long time, even before I started collecting figures. Living that pastel life with a lot of fluffy waifus ♡
2 years ago
My collection is not 100 % only cute, but I love cute figures
♡´・ᴗ・`♡ they are the best figures!
2 years ago