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freezermilkfreezermilk5 years ago
Is your collection full of magical girls, idols, and Sonicos?

Are you dedicated to girls in only the cutest outfits-- lolitas, maids, bunny girls and the like?

Does a glimpse of pink draw your eye every time?

Got a bunch of adorable loli & neko figures just because?

And did you ever just see a cute moe figure going for $10 and snatch it having no idea about the source material whatsoever?

Then you're in the right place!

Here's a club to talk about your cute-only obsession, your dedication to a totally kawaii aesthetic!

Sharing pictures of kawaii collections is totally encouraged! Check out the pictures section for kawaii inspiration~

Please note that this club supports nsfw and transgressive material, and my links reflect that.
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kuyuifu わふう ~ !
thank u so much for adding my photo !
(*≧∀≦*) ~ ♡ ! ! !
6 days ago
freezermilk Cute Girl Enthusiast
twilightss2822 months ago#119514220Thank you for adding my pictures!!! T_THither1 month ago#120552176Thank you for adding my photos :3 <3\

You're so welcome guys!! <3
1 month ago
Thank you for adding my photos :3 <3
1 month ago
Thank you for adding my pictures!!! T_T
2 months ago
Can you please add her in picture/3050294...
1 year ago
Glad to be in this group, I love collecting nendoroid and kawaii items.

1 year ago
nekoblog catgirl enthusiast
Thank you for adding my photo! <3
1 year ago
thank u for adding some of my pics :D
1 year ago
ty for adding my pic ^_^
1 year ago
thank you for adding some of my photos!!
1 year ago
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