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KHR Box Splits
This group is to help laketica keep track of who wants which characters in KHR box splits, so that we can always accomplish a KHR box split. =) I tend to do things by pairings, but I understand that people have individuals they prefer as well. Let me know if anything changes!

Dino/Hibari - laketica
Yamamoto/Gokudera - ymous
Mukuro/Tsuna - Loveless3173@AF (laketica's RL)
Bel/Fran - Holly (laketica's RL)
Ryohei - Cherri
Xanxus/Squalo - Cherri
Reborn - TheySayMoop
Byakuran - ?

(Who else shows up in blind boxes?)
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I hella thought I subscribed to the group but I wasn't notified about comments XD apparently that's a separate subscription! Anyway, thanksssss guyssss =D Since I'm going to Japan next year, let me know if there's anything specific you want me to keep an eye out for~ I'm not there for long, but I have a little bit of time set aside for shopping. ^^

and no, ymous, you can't just say "anything Sanji related" because there will be thousands of dollars of stuff and I can't bring it all back anyway cuz I'm sharing a luggage with my friend LOL!

@Cherri thanks for confirming! =D
11 months ago
Yup I’m still willing for Xanxus/Squalo and Mukuro/Chrome.
11 months ago
11 months ago
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