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vgadictvgadict2 years ago
Welcome to Nopan Nirvana!

Warning: Due to the nature of this club, it should be considered NSFW. If you are easily offended by plastic figures not wearing panties, please turn back now.

Nopan Nirvana is a club for fans of nopan (no panty) style figures such as those where:

  • the figure may wear other garments, but no panties.
  • the figure can be displayed with the panties removed.
  • the panties are designed for exposure (e.g. crotchless panties), or they are damaged, torn, pulled aside or down far enough to expose the crotch.

Other considerations that aren't mandatory, but often enhance the figure's overall nopan appeal include:

  • outfits such as dresses or skirts with short hemlines (e.g. mini skirts, etc.)
  • poses that help show off the figure below the waist (e.g. bending over, kneeling, squatting, sitting or reclining with legs spread, standing or kneeling with hands lifting skirt, etc)
  • high level of detail for the genitalia (inclusion of labia minora, clitoral hood, etc) instead of low detail (only labia majora and pudendal cleft) or no detail (blank crotch area AKA Barbie doll)
  • inclusion of anus

Some example figures without panties include the following:
ITEM #15974 / ITEM #15975
ITEM #54019

And some examples with removable panties include the following:
ITEM #236412 / ITEM #271054 / ITEM #282465
ITEM #282111 / ITEM #302574

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why Nopan?
Nopan is a somewhat popular fetish that appeals to males and females who are fond of seeing girls without panties as well as females who find it daring, empowering, enjoyable, liberating and sexy to be in public without panties. To some, a girl wearing certain types of clothing without panties is even sexier than if she was fully nude. The appeal of this fetish extends to various art forms including collectible figures.

2. Why not just use the tagging system?
Ideally, that would be all we need. However, the tagging here at MFC tends to be somewhat inconsistent, and many figures without any panties omit the "No Panties" tag. Meanwhile, figures that have removable panties are very inconsistent in their tagging with most only listing the general "Cast Off" tag instead of more specific tags such as "Removable Panties", "Exposable Vagina", etc.

3. Why a club?
Due to the inconsistent tagging (in #2) and because there are likely other collectors that may be interested in such figures (due to #1), a club may be helpful for collectors to help each other find more nopan style figures beyond what current tag searching allows. As more figures are identified, we may be able to help provide more consistent tagging of such figures as well.

4. Can I join?
Sure! This club is open to anyone interested in nopan figures. If you know other members that might be interested, feel free to invite them to join as well!

5. Anything else I should know?
  • If you know of potential nopan figures that aren't tagged with "No Panties", "Removable Panties" or "Exposable Vagina", please add comments and we'll work to get those tagged appropriately.
  • If you have pictures of nopan figures, especially ones without many pictures in the MFC database, it would be great to see them get uploaded.
  • There are multiple forum threads for members to discuss or vote for various aspects of nopan figures. We would love to hear from each of you.
  • Nopan Nirvana does not condone censorship of figure photos. Artists should be supported by displaying their artworks fully. As a result, photos that include any kind of censorship (blurring, mosaics, stickers, etc) are generally not linked to the club. Rare exceptions may occur for older figures with no alternate photos available.
  • The linking for additional Related Pictures and Related Items (figures) will be on-going as new photos are identified or uploaded to the site.
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Which Origin do you prefer for nopan figures?

16%Character from a published series (Anime, Manga, Hentai, Game, etc)
84%Original Character
19 votes

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Due to the new site format, I've updated the club banner.

The previous banner is being used for a background tile until we find something more suitable. If you have ideas for what to use for the background, feel free to post your suggestions.
1 month ago
It's time for a new poll - Do you prefer nopan figures based on characters from series or Original characters? Cast your votes here: thread/17010
1 month ago
I've revised the statements under the "Anything else I should know?" section of the club details into a list format. I've also added a bullet explaining why censored photos are generally not linked to the club. If you would like to discuss anything regarding Nopan Nirvana or have other suggestions for the club, please post a comment and we can discuss it further.

Thanks for your support. Stay safe everyone!
1 month ago
The club has hit a new milestone:

2000 linked pictures!

We couldn't have reached this point without the effort of all the wonderful members here at MFC that have uploaded lovely pictures of their figures.

Thank you!
2 months ago
The fourth part of my article series about figure scale trends is devoted to nopan figures: BLOG #44611
4 months ago
The club has reached a another new milestone:

300 members!

The growth has been accelerating too:
- From the start to reaching 100 members took just over 1 year
- Growing from 100 to 200 members took just under 7 months
- Growing from 200 to 300 members took 4 months

When the club started a little over 2 years ago, I had no idea it would gain this many members so quickly. At the same time, the number of figures being released that are nopan-capable has also also continued to increase, and there definitely seems to be growing demand for these types of figures. The club seems to have tapped into an intriguing growth segment of the figure collecting market. Does that make us trendsetters? I'm not sure, but 2020 is off to a great start!
4 months ago
Happy New Year!

The Nopan Nirvana club recently turned two years old. In the past year, membership has more than quadrupled from 69 to 291 members strong. At the current growth rate, we'll likely reach 300 members in early 2020. Meanwhile, the number of linked figures and photos has also continued to grow and those currently stand at 1730 and 1224 respectively. It's likely that we'll surpass 2000 linked photos in 2020.

During the past year, there were several polls created for nopan figures (thread/16295, thread/16399, thread/16596) and those remain open for voting in the club forums. It's not too late to add your input, so even if you joined later, feel free to vote in those polls. More recently I added a poll for the best nopan figure released in 2019 (thread/16814) and I'm looking forward to seeing which one the members liked best. Currently it's a 6-way tie!

Another new feature was the Outstanding Nopan Pictures of the Month (thread/16444) which has received a lot of positive feedback. It has been great to see so many great nopan pictures uploaded each month, and it's been very satisfying to provide a way to recognize the best of them.

Looking ahead to 2020, there appear to be several highly anticipated nopan-capable figures that will be released, and I'm looking forward to seeing plenty of new pictures uploaded as well as detailed reviews written by members of the site. I'm hoping to write some of my own reviews too, but they'll likely be for older figures.

I wish everyone a wonderful 2020! May all your nopan needs come true!
4 months ago
With 2019 coming to a close, it's time to vote for the best nopan-capable figure released in 2019: thread/16814
5 months ago
PanchitoMatte6 months ago#70625379Hi there! I saw a PICTURE #2335795 from Exkurogane recently and I think I spotted a an unintentional nopan figure: ITEM #806257. Does it count, or no?
From that picture it's difficult to tell. We'll need to get a closer view or a better angle with better lighting to confirm it. Megahouse hasn't produced many nopan figures in recent years, so it's somewhat doubtful. Also the figure page doesn't list any tags that would help confirm it. I've posted a question in the figure's comments to see if someone can help answer this. Regardless of how this turns out, thanks for asking about her.
6 months ago
PanchitoMatte Emilia-tan Maji Tenshi!
Hi there! I saw a PICTURE #2335795 from Exkurogane recently and I think I spotted a an unintentional nopan figure: ITEM #806257. Does it count, or no?
6 months ago