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TragicalTragical2 years ago

Welcome to the Doll Collector Club!

What is the Doll Collector Club?
We discuss dolls made by various brands and share both information and content with other doll fans!

What makes something a doll?
The item in question must have clothing which can be removed/changed and limb movement (even if it's limited). So, while normal Nendoroids do not have a place here, their doll counterparts do. In a similar vein, figma figures are not allowed, but Azone's Assault Lily figures are. If you are wondering if something is or isn't allowed, simply ask!

What dolls are allowed?
Many dolls within the database will be welcome. This includes Pullip, Pureneemo, Momoko, Misaki, Blythe, Smart Doll, Licca-chan and more! However, we will exclude discussion of resin BJDs and any dolls which are construed as erotic (such as Real Art Project line of dolls) which would be over the preferred rating of the board.

More information about the club can be found here!

If you love dolls and want to share your hobby with others, I hope you'll join us!
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