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ShellosaurusShellosaurus17 days agoMisc
Okay, I'm only about 30, but I'm already thinking about the (hopefully far) future.
We love and cherish our collections. Some of us might have families or descendants or people close to us, yeah, but that doesn't mean they would be passionate about the same things.

Personally, once I pass away, I would like to ensure that the things I collect over the years could be available to other fans who would appreciate them.
Like, in a museum or library type setting. I'm not sure how you could safely "check out" a figure, but you know. Things like video games and books are more standard.

Or at the very least, maybe there could be some sort of specialized resale shop? The thought of my collectables ending up in the garbage, a garage sale, or an unrelated shop (where their value is unknown or not appreciated) sounds sad to me.

Caroline Manga Library is a travelling manga library in the United States that people can donate to, which gives me some ideas.

Is there already a group or organization that is considering stuff like this?
It sounds like a legal pain-in-the-butt, though.

Does anyone else have this wish? Let's discuss!

(I'll edit this group and make it prettier later! Please excuse me.)
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Yeah, collection being neglected in value after you're gone is kinda sad, something I've pondered on before too.

There are collectible museums all over the world, but they often have more than just Japanese collectibles. An example near me in SG is Mint Museum of Toys. They have a collection of vintage toys from around the world, including Japanese ones.
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