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rachel17rachel172 years ago
Hi! This is a club for lesbian, bi girl, and trans girl characters. No fetishists or loli/cons, EVER.

Anyone can join, just please be respectful! This is a club to celebrate diverse female characters.

Recommendations are welcome! We accept both canon lgbt gals and coded lgbt gals.
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hi ! i’m sapphic and i would love to join :)
8 days ago
I’m a lesbian I would like to join!
9 days ago
hii im sapphic :) id like to join
18 days ago
I’m a lesbian figure lover ❤️
21 days ago
i'm lesbian. please let me in
26 days ago
hii! im a lesbian and id love to join this club :D
1 month ago
Hello, I'm Jimmy!
I'm non-binary, demisexual and polyamorous,
may I join? Thank you❤️
1 month ago
hi! I'm bisexual and genderqueer , I'd love to join.
1 month ago
i'm a lesbian that would love to join!
1 month ago
Can I please join, I'm a lesbian and use shey/they pronouns. <3
1 month ago