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rachel17rachel1719 days agoMisc
Hi! This is a club for lesbian, bi girl, and trans girl characters. All girls who identify as lgbt are welcome. No fetishists please!

Anyone can join, just please be respectful! This is a club to celebrate diverse female characters.

Recommendations are welcome! We accept both canon lgbt gals and explicitly coded lgbt gals. Please specify a character’s identity (are they a lesbian? trans girl? bi girl? etc.) when recommending them. Thank you!

here is the current list of lgbt female characters:

Akira Okudaira - lesbian
Alpha Hatsuseno - wlw (unspecified)
Amane Ootori - lesbian
Anna Kurauchi - lesbian
Anthy Himemiya - lesbian
Azusa Aoi - lesbian
Bernkastel - lesbian
Beatrice - bi & trans woman
Chitaru Namatame - lesbian
D-ne - lesbian
Eruna Ichinose - lesbian
Fumi Manjoume - lesbian
Grell Sutcliff - trans woman
Haru Ichinose - lesbian
Haruhi Suzumiya - bi girl
Haruki Sagae - lesbian
Hazumu Osaragi - trans girl & lesbian
Hibari Oozora - trans girl
Hikari Konohana - lesbian
Hitsugi Kirigaya - lesbian
Ikuno - lesbian
Isuke Inukai - lesbian
Kagami Wakatsuki - lesbian
Kimika Tachibana - bi girl
Kiyoharu Suirenji - trans girl
Kokone Takatsu - wlw (unspecified)
Konoka Konoe - lesbian
Kouko Kaminaga - lesbian
Lambdadelta - lesbian
Liky Hoshikawa - trans girl
Mahiru Banba - lesbian
Mahiru Tsuyuzaki - lesbian
Makoto Ariga - trans girl
Maria Akizuki - bi girl
Midori Tokiwa - lesbian
Miyako Taema - lesbian
Nagisa Aoi - lesbian
Nio Hashiri - lesbian
Nozomi Toujou - lesbian
Nuriko - trans girl
Otoya Takechi - lesbian
Pity Frederica - lesbian
Pukin - lesbian
Rin Tohsaka - bi girl
Sailor Neptune - lesbian
Sailor Star Fighter - lesbian (trans coded?)
Sailor Uranus - lesbian
Saki Watanabe - bi girl
Sayaka Saeki - lesbian
Seiko Shinohara - lesbian
Setsuna Sakurazaki - lesbian
Shannon - bi & trans woman
Shiena Kenmochi - lesbian
Shizuma Hanazono - lesbian
Shuichi Nitori - trans girl & lesbian
Sister Nana - lesbian
Sonia Bean - lesbian
Sumika Murasame - lesbian
Sumireko Hanabusa - lesbian
Suruga Kanbaru - lesbian
Suzu Shutou - bi girl
Tamao Suzumi - lesbian
Tenko Chabashira - lesbian
Tohru - lesbian
Tokaku Azuma - lesbian
Tomari Kurusu - lesbian
Tomoe Hachisuka - lesbian
Tomoka Kase - lesbian
Tomoyo Daidouji - lesbian
Touko Nanami - lesbian
Tsukasa Wakatsuki - lesbian
Ushio Kazama - lesbian
Utena Tenjou - bi girl
Yasuna Kamiizumi - lesbian
Yaya Nanto - lesbian
Yui Yamada - lesbian
Yuki Minakami - bi girl
Yuu Koito - lesbian
Zakuro Takashima - bi girl

Akane Shinjou - wlw (unspecified)
Alice Swayne - lesbian
Chihiro Fujisaki - trans girl
Cocona - lesbian
Himari Uehara - lesbian
Homura Akemi - lesbian
Ichika Tachibana - lesbian
Kaoru Seta - lesbian
Kobayashi - lesbian
Komari Kamikita - bi girl
La Pucelle - trans girl
Lain Iwakura - bi girl
Madoka Kaname - lesbian
Manatsu Kuroki - lesbian
Maxine Silverstone - wlw (unspecified)
Otone Fujishiro - lesbian
Papika - lesbian
Rikka Takarada - wlw (unspecified)
Rimi Ushigome - lesbian
Rin Natsume - bi girl
Ruby Moon - trans girl
Sasami Sasasegawa - bi girl
Seisa Mikagura - lesbian
Yuiko Kurugaya - bi girl
Yuri Fujishiro - wlw (unspecified)

(bold is canon & italics is coded)

I’ll update it whenever new characters are added!
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MahouJoseiFehu (6 hours ago) #63955077Hello, I’m a Demisexual non binary person and I would like to join.
Invite sent!
4 hours ago
Hello, I’m a Demisexual non binary person and I would like to join.
6 hours ago
Snape (23 hours ago) #63889094hey, im a gay trans guy and id love to join! ^o^
Invite sent!
20 hours ago
hey, im a gay trans guy and id love to join! ^o^
23 hours ago
deathsatan (1 day ago) #63839422can i get an invite plz? (^o^)♡
Sure thing! Invite sent!
1 day ago
can i get an invite plz? (^o^)♡
1 day ago
rachel17 (4 days ago) #63704049Sent!
4 days ago
LemonMIntCat (4 days ago) #63703740Hi! Could I get an invite? I am always up for some more positive representation!
4 days ago
mariijane (4 days ago) #63703558i would love to join!
(and don't forget hibari ozora on this list :3 )

Invite sent! Please remember to include a character’s identity in your recc, so I can add her to the list in the club desc. Thank you!
4 days ago
Hi! Could I get an invite? I am always up for some more positive representation!
4 days ago
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