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A club for the Company MiHoYo!

Scale Figures:

Yae Sakura 1/8
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Theresa 1/8 Apocalypse Rosy Bridesmaid Ver. (x APEX)
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Yae Sakura 1/8 Mandarin Gown Ver. (x APEX)
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Other Chinese company:
Myethos -> CLUB #1507
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Maid Elysia looks great but I'd have loved the regular Elysia in some sort of action or stigma pose. And now the wait to see if HoH Elysia gets a figure!

I'm still holding out hope for one day getting a Herrscher of Reason Bronya figure, maybe with Project Bunny behind her in the iconic cinematic pose or motorcycle (would be crazy expensive though i'm sure) #takemymoney
2 days ago
Pictures of Elysia dropped!! Shes so perfect! ♡ Perfect for my rapidly growing Ely shrine

Rumor is oct 2023 release...now give us HoH
5 days ago
Selling Yae Sakura - 1/8 - Chinese Dress Ver. (miHoYo, APEX) for $475 shipped.

Condition: mint in box, unopened.

Price includes PayPal fees and insured express shipping via EMS for US and UK/EU where available. Please contact me for shipping to other countries.

Reservations are possible with a deposit/partial payment.
13 days ago
“Genshin Impact Ningguang Gold Leaf and Pearly Jade ver.” Figmemo review: fig-memo-r18.si...
I'm a bit scared by mentioned weight, but she looks good enough. I'm happy. A bit less about a shop where I pre ordered her :/ (it looks like there is currently no international EMS shipping).
Edit (fig-memo): youtu.be/vnZfD2...
14 days ago
i'm selling my ninnguang since i don't have space for her. i had her displayed for just a day so she's basically brand new. i'm asking $310 but i'm open to any price
15 days ago
15 days ago
15 days ago
Did anyone else order the flame chasers pillow cases or mini acrylics back in like may?

Superbuy says they havent gotten shipment in and im confused cause they just told me to be patient and im internally screaming :')
17 days ago
Anyone willing to sell their Herrscher of Thunder poster that was a bonus if you ordered from certain Japanese stores?
2 months ago
2 months ago
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