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KaibutsuKaibutsu18 days agoMisc
From sadists to pretty-boys, to megane to bad boys, we all have our favorite Seme, but it couldn't hurt to find some new Semes worth reading or watching, right?
Your fave Uke could be a dominant nymphomaniac, or a shy masochist, but there's always something new that a Uke can do, so why not explore?

This club is meant to connect both male and female, any and all yaoi/BL fans, giving a opportunity to explore, discuss, uncover some hidden gems, and introduce others to something they may already know or show them something new. Although suggestions/recommendations and connecting are the main focus, there is more than just that. We are judgement-free, friendly, and all-inclusive with a warm and welcoming environment. Although this is a sexual genre, we are not a place for fantasy discussion in detail. If this is your intent, please don't join.

Please be aware that shipping and fandom/fanfic pairs are not the main subject of this club, regardless if they are BL ships or not.

This is not a club to debate problems/controversies in the yaoi/BL world and is not welcome in any fashion. Rather, it's intended to just connect fans without all the unnecessary arguing.
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If you don't know who the picture is of on the main page, it's Fumi from Elektel Delusion.
11 days ago
Thanks for the invite! The group looks really nice and promising. It would be wonderful to have a place to go for suggestions and discussions about the actual manga/game. I've been looking for a place where we can all just admire and love BL/yaoi and ignore the (frankly ridiculous) "controversy" behind it and just dive into our fantasies and enjoy the content. I'm new to MFC, so please tell me if I'm not posting something in the right spot! I'll fix it immediately.

As for me, two of my fav yaoi is DMMD and Crimson Spell. I could go on forever about why I love them.
13 days ago
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