Sanrio Club
BeatlesPkmnFanBeatlesPkmnFan1 year ago
Hello, and welcome to the Sanrio Club! I created this club because I wanted to join a Sanrio club here on MFC, and was surprised when I searched to find that none existed. So, I decided to make my own! This club is for fans of any Sanrio characters or properties!

Please comment on the club if you want to be added.

Before tossing invites to people, I check everybody's profiles. I will not invite you if you own/order/wish figures sexualizing children or figures from sources that heavily focused on sexualizing children (i.e. MoeTan, Netrun-Mon, Nekopara, Kodomo no Jikan, etc), or if you have these types of sources favorited. You also will definitely be declined if you are straight up in lolicon/shotacon MFC clubs. Wanting to avoid people like this is why I changed this club to be invite only. If I delete your comment asking to join, it means you're rejected. Please do not ask again if you are declined. I decline people whose MFC profiles make me uncomfortable. If you are somebody I would block if not for MFC's dreadful 30 user block limit, you cannot join my clubs, it's that simple.

Just to add on, you guys really need to better your reading comprehension before asking to join. The amount of Nekopara fans I get asking to join is mind boggling considering what I say above. Please learn to read before asking to join, thank you. ❤
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I'd like to join! I really love every sanrio mascot and Nekomura Iroha :)
24 days ago
hi! I'd love to join this club, I'm a huge fan of Kuromi, Twin Stars and also Sanrio Danshi :)
1 month ago
Hello hi!! I'd love to join this club! C: <3 My favorites are My Sweet Piano, Cinnamoroll, Usahana and Sumikko Gurashi!
1 month ago
jellyhouse Fuchiko Archaeologist
you know me ;) (im a pekkle fan LET ME IN)
1 month ago
Sanrio's JP online store is having a 50% off sale now on a lot of plushes and other stuff: shop.sanrio.co....
1 month ago
hello, big fan of chococat, keroppi, retsuko, and the japan exclusive nya-go!! would love to join your club ❤️
2 months ago
Hello, id love to join ! :> im an avid my melody, cinnamoroll and twinstars fan hoping to start collecting soon ♡
2 months ago
I’d love to join! I’m a bit of a “secret” Sanrio fan, I like pretending I’m tough and scary but really I’m obsessed with Gudetama and Cinnamoroll, as well as Little Twin Stars ⭐️
2 months ago
I would like to join! Me and my girlfriend always say we’re kuromi and my melody I also just love Sanrio :))
3 months ago
Hello! I would like to join! :)
3 months ago