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Collectors Underestimating Males
killindarlingskillindarlings1 year ago
It has recently come to my attention that there are some figures on this site that, despite very clearly resembling a woman, are actually sexy men...

This is a club for those who fell for these so called "traps" and will serve as a place of healing and understanding. It will also serve to warn other figure hobbyists against falling for such insidious deceptions.

Collectors Underestimating Males will log any and all male figures that dip below any clear gender boundary lines, be is represented via crossdressing, feminine features or general thotyness.

This is a private club.
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Moribundead モリバンデッド
darkfader1 year ago#70712612and the club image resembles that? hmm...

Don't forget what the abbreviation of the club's name would be.
1 year ago
darkfader Pantsu connoisseur
and the club image resembles that? hmm...
1 year ago
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