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PlushManiacPlushManiac6 months ago
Welcome! This club is for those who appreciate dog characters from anime and video games. Every dog character encyclopedia entry on this database will be linked to this club. Currently this club and its description and layout is a work in progress.

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Would ENTRY #65254 and ENTRY #65255 count? Their wikis describe them as resembling a shiba inu
4 months ago
ENTRY #86783

Not sure if they count, but ENTRY #50145 & ENTRY #5065
4 months ago
Suggestions for your club:

- Missile, from Ace Attorney ENTRY #82669
- Missile, from Ghost Trick ENTRY #83883
- Muku, from Tokimeki Memorial 1 ENTRY #64840
- Robo, from Tokimeki Memorial 2 ENTRY #74667

Borderline suggestions:
- Oinu, from Dancing Blade: Katte ni Momotenshi! ENTRY #54225
(Borderline because she's an Inugami. Her specific case is described in the Inugami and Okami folder => Video Games section of this TvTropes page.)
- Arf, from the Nanoha franchise ENTRY #1903
(Bordeline due to being a familiar dog with mostly human appearance)

Also, this GetBackers Shikishi ITEM #840982 has Madoka Otowa's guide dog Mozart featured in it (Mozart doesn't have an enyclopedia entry though).

Hope that helps!
5 months ago
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