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RockGodItachiRockGodItachi3 months ago
If you're a fan of ero and sexy photography you've found the right place!

What does NSFW mean? It means Not Safe For Work, so in this club we are dedicated to sharing NSFW figure photography.

Each day we (RGI, Bloempje and vgadict) will be sharing up to 7 NSFW pics from the POTD category selecting the highest 7 using the MFC algorithm. If a users picture is nominated as number one, it will be linked to the club permanently and the user will be notified by a comment on their picture. ;)

The club is designed to give you ero figure photographers a place to not only be in the spotlight but also a place where you can share your love of ero figure photography and ero figures!

NSFW POTD Selection Rules:
  • The photo must contain actual NSFW content. For more details about how the club determines whether a photo is NSFW or not, see this thread: thread/17144
  • User created content only. We will not be sharing chan, official, various or bootleg pics.
  • No loli, shota, beastiality, pics depicting violence or sexual torture or gore will be allowed for obvious reasons! We want this to be a club that celebrates ero figure photography but we will NOT be sharing pictures that feature any of the above.
  • No censorship. Images that include blurring, mosaics, white-outs, black bars, stickers or other methods to alter the photo or mask the figure will not be included.
  • We will share at most one pic from a user per day, I.E. if a user uploads multiple pics and more than one of them make it into the POTD category, then we will pick one of them. This is to make it fair for everyone else to have a chance to get their pic onto the club page.

    That's it! So be sure to drop by each day for your daily dose of lewd!

Photo Challenge #1 BACK TO SCHOOLhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/04/27/2429391.jpeg
Winning photo by MOEROMOERO

NSFW POTM for September 2020https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/09/05/2512610.jpeg
PICTURE #2512610

NSFW POTD FOR 21/10/20

NSFW POTD FOR 20/10/20
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PICTURE #2544750

PICTURE #2545271

NSFW POTD FOR 19/10/20
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PICTURE #2544078

PICTURE #2544382

NSFW POTD FOR 18/10/20

NSFW POTD FOR 17/10/20
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PICTURE #2543332

PICTURE #2543292

NSFW POTD FOR 16/10/20
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PICTURE #2542592

PICTURE #2542785

Note that prior NSFW POTD selections are tracked in the NSFW POTD Archive forum thread thread/17140
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The voting thread for photo challenge #2 is now open: thread/17355
4 days ago
The Halloween figure photo challenge entry period ends soon! This is your last chance guys to get in your Halloween pics!
7 days ago
Just a reminder guys that the Halloween photo challenge entries close in two days! If you have a Halloween ero style figure pic and you want to enter you can here: thread/17271 it doesn't have to be a new pic an old shot you've done will be fine as long as it matches the challenge and club criteria. The selected winning pic will get to be on the club page for a whole month! ;)
9 days ago
Hi guys! The archive has been updated and don't forget that the Halloween challenge ends on the 15th! If you have any ero figure photography pics that are Halloween themed and you want to enter them you can here: thread/17271 the winning pic will be on the club page for a whole month! :D
19 days ago
The club has hit a special milestone:

100 Members!

Thanks for everyone's interest and support. It's great seeing all the new NSFW pictures getting uploaded, and hopefully the club will continue to grow and prosper.
1 month ago
Our 2nd Photo Challenge is now underway. This time the theme is Halloween. For more details, here is the submission thread: thread/17271
1 month ago
Moeromoero Chinese Dress Hunter
vgadict1 month ago#83314284Congrats to Moeromoero for winning the NSFW POTD Club's 1st Photo Challenge!
Details about our next photo challenge will be posted sometime tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Thank you!! Hope the community gets bigger!
1 month ago
Congrats to Moeromoero for winning the NSFW POTD Club's 1st Photo Challenge!

Details about our next photo challenge will be posted sometime tomorrow. Stay tuned!
1 month ago
Since some members may not be aware of certain features available at MFC, here is a tip. If you want to be notified about new messages on the club page, click the Subscribe bell icon in the Comments section (it is shown just above this message). When the symbol is white, it means that notifications are currently off, and clicking it will turn them on. When the symbol is red with a line through it, that means notifications are currently on, and clicking it will turn them off.

The same feature is available on forum threads as well, but the icon is located higher up on the page.
1 month ago
This is a reminder that August 14th is the last day to vote for photo challenge #1: thread/17231

Also, we have added a new feature called NSFW POTM which is the NSFW Picture of the Month chosen from among the prior month's NSFW POTD daily selections. The selected photo will get updated near the beginning of each month.
1 month ago
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