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kemonomimi wonderland [wip]
shamuonshamuon19 days ago
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a club dedicated towards kemonomimi characters because i couldn’t find one when i searched! any character of any gender is welcome as long as they have some sort of animal ears/a tail!

(ao nanami from yozakura quartet)
* please do not join or comment if it bothers you that i will accept any character, regardless of series. any comments trying to start anything get ignored & deleted. <3

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what is kemonomimi?
kemonomimi, as taken from the wiki when searched;
(獣耳 or けものみみ, lit. beast ears) describes humanoid characters that possess animal-like features.

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what about fake ears? do bunny suits count?
although when googled another definition states it can include fake ears, for the sake of this club i only want to accept characters with actual animal traits that can’t be removed! (characters who can transform are a OK!) sorry! it’s very easy to find the bunny suit figures, but i find it a little tougher to search for cat boys etc.

- - - - - - -
come join if you love kemonomimi!
as of 10/11/2020 this club is free for anyone to join!

please feel free to leave any characters and figures, straps, any merch featuring a kemonomimi character! \^o^/
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Hey, you can search through my club Foxes and Kitsunes.
There are a lot of nice fluff=)
4 days ago
Scones15 days ago#84427506snip

woah thanks so much ! I don’t get notifications for here so a bit late, but will add them all! ^_^
13 days ago