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Smug, Snarky, and Witty Heaven
SconesScones16 days ago
Har har har...


Welcome smug-lovers. Welcome connoisseurs of slick and lofty, absolutely snarky, and unbearably witty characters. Whether you prefer wise-cracking stoicism or fiery, fanged fiends, this is the place for you, where we are gung-ho about the mischievous, self-satisfied glimmer in the eyes of our favorite smug characters, waifus and husbandos.

Cool, collected, witty and aloof, smooth with their smug remarks,

Prickly and edgy characters with wry smiles and impressive insults,

Snarky, mischievous, and passionate teasers,

all isotopes of smug, slickness, wit and snark, all variations, are gold!

All members are welcome, and recommendations of finessing, slick, condescending and sharp-witted characters are appreciated.


This club remains a slight WIP, but feel free to join currently.
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