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NeuromanticNeuromantic1 month ago
Even though I was able to find several other clubs covering the Megami Tensei franchise, I wanted to make my own in the pursuit of consolidating any and all MegaTen goods, specifically figures, into one group. While I am totally all for creating a space for MegaTen fans to congregate, the main goals for this club is to make these goods easily accessible, as well as enable others to discover goods that they were unaware existed.
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njdrawscomics Webcomic Artist
Would like to see this club go somewhere, it's new and yet so quite. There's still a bunch of merch that should be tagged too.

What was everyone's first MT experience? Mine was being recommended the first Devil Survivor on the DS. I never got so engrossed in a game before, I played every route, for the first time did every bonus boss and collected every single demon. I'm usually a very lazy gamer but MT games just hook me. I played Person 3 shortly after and fell in love with that subseries of MT. Have played basically every one I could get my hands on after that.

My figure and poster collection is mostly SMT/Persona stuff it's my top priority in collecting.
12 days ago