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lyss_lyss_25 days ago
welcome to Rare Figures & More! a club dedicated to valuable and extremely hard to find figures and goods!
here you will find many figures and goods that are pretty infamous to being extremely rare. nendoroids, prize figures, plushes, scales, and alot more!

now what constitutes as a "rare figure"? really just any figure that's hard to find! whether it be a figure that didnt sell well and is now valuable and hard to find secondhand, or a limited figure with very few stock that was given out as a prize!

feel free to suggest any entries of rare figures/goods that arent already included here!

some entries we dont accept are
- figures/goods that are more expensive in the aftermarket, but not exactly rare
- fanmade garage kits

want to join? feel free to! no need to ask, everybody is welcome!
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Hi!!! <3 (: another shiny miku, ITEM #341145 was limited to 50 copies, i think it had something to do with winning a special credit card hehe,
16 days ago
PatchworkToxin Dat Yandere
I can recommend some figures to add to the group.

I own ITEM #232153, ITEM #380740 and ITEM #279251 which were all limited to 100.

I also own ITEM #388594 which was limited to 300.
16 days ago
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
Although it might be a pain to find them all, all of the "W Prize" editions of figures from the ENTRY #32726 line are usually limited to 100, making them pretty rare.
I have this one ITEM #142721

Also, these figures are notoriously rare. ITEM #115 and ITEM #114

Also this one. Check out the comments, many people have been hunting her for years. ITEM #118075
16 days ago