Jet Set Radio
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A club intended for discussion of the Jet Set Radio duology of video games produced by Smilebit and SEGA, and other related games. Where you're a fan of the Dreamcast game or Xbox one, or the spin-off appearances of the lead rudies Beat and Gum, you're welcome to join the club.
Main Games
Games featuring members of the GG's
Related and Similar Games
Discussions of cancelled games, fan projects and related individuals and organisations are also allowed.
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Updates to club: Images have been reformated and changed, pictures featuring Jet Set Radio merch have been tagged, and I have made a list dedicated to the merch of the series that Hideki Naganuma owns.
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ChibiZee10 days ago#96332114Thanks for the invite! ( ´ ▽ ` )bSundae10 days ago#96332168Hey there, thanks for the invite!ojakue9 days ago#96370406thank you for the invite ^__^
You're all welcome! I just realised that you could invite people to clubs, sorry that I didn't send an invite to you guys earlier.
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ojakue giyuu and satoru are my wives
thank you for the invite ^__^
9 days ago
Hey there, thanks for the invite!
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Thanks for the invite! ( ´ ▽ ` )b
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