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kuailiangkuailiang4 months ago
Welcome to the Onmyoji club, you can find all updates here - feel free to join and contribute!

So far Netease have released 6 games in the Onmyoji franchise, including the original RPG, Arena (MOBA), Chess, Card Battle, Yokai Koya (China only) and Hyakki Kindergarten (China and Japan only).

There are currently 3 shows which include Heian Monogatari (2 seasons), Hundred Spirits Kindergarten (4 seasons) and A Useless Onmyoji Family (2 seasons).

A film based on the game was released in early 2021.

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This club aims to connect fans of the Onmyoji franchise together, casual or hardcore, and post updates on major events and collaborations in the games, the franchise overall, and most importantly any upcoming merchandise and figures Netease announce.

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Chronological list of games currently out under the Onmyoji umbrella:

» Onmyoji RPG: 20th June 2016 (China) / 1st February 2018 (global)
» Onmyoji Arena: 12th January 2018 (China) / 12th July 2018 (global)
» Onmyoji Chess: October 2019 (China & global)
» Onmyoji Card Game: 12th December 2019 (China) / 10th January 2021 (global)
» Onmyoji Yokai Koya: 17th September 2020
» Onmyoji Hyakki Kindergarten 29th April 2021 (China) / June 2021 (Japan)

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The only rules are to be nice to each other, and keep your contributions Onmyoji related - otherwise, have fun!

https://i.ibb.co/qC4xpVF/1.png https://i.ibb.co/m094Xh4/2.png https://i.ibb.co/0s3tjpZ/3.png

Released scales (in no particular order):
HPOI links (in order of appearance): View spoilerHide spoiler» Yoto Hime: www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Aoandon: www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Miketsu: www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Tamamo no Mae: www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Ootengu: www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Golden Crane Ubume: www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Ibaraki Douji: www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Shuten Douji: www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Onikiri: www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Orochi: www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Hana: www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Higanbana: www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Ootakemaru: www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Minamoto no Yorimitsu: www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Jr. Ootengu: www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Scarlet Saber Yoto Hime: www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Fulai Zashiki: www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Shiranui (Netease): www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Royal Gold Ootengu: www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Swordmaiden Yoto Hime: weibo.com/62994... (no HPOI entry)
» Cafe Ibaraki Douji: www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Seimei (Mana Studio): www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Forest Queen Hakurou: www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Yao Bikuni: www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Kagura (Auldey Double Diamond): www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Seimei: (Auldey Double Diamond): www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Kagura: www.hpoi.net/ho...
» Unrivalled Champion Susabi: www.hpoi.net/ho...
» White Hibiscus Onikiri (Wings): www.hpoi.net/ho... + ITEM #950073
» Yuki Onna: www.hpoi.net/ho... + ITEM #995815
» Burning Foxfire Tamamo no Mae: www.hpoi.net/ho...

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kuailiang21 hours ago#101700670Prime 1 Studio will be doing the SP Blazing Tama scale - I actually need him

Oh wow! Ok, so it's a resin...? That's gonna be huge AND expensive O.O
15 hours ago
Prime 1 Studio will be doing the SP Blazing Tama scale - I actually need him

21 hours ago
okami342 days ago#101643428Whelp, Food Boy is painted now. It won't be long before PO's for him open.
(Gosh, Netease is hecka speeded with putting up figures they announce up for PO. XD)
He looks pretty good, but I am still not too sure if I want to buy him. What about you guys?

Wow coloured looks good! I think the pose is a bit awkward? Or maybe it's just the angle of the photo? I am quite keen on seeing more images of this soon!

Most likely would want to PO this, since I really loved their story! And I love food, soooo XD
1 day ago
kuailiang8 days ago#101357460A video's been released showcasing the completed Tama BJD - he is stunning, Loong Soul did a really good job on him:
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://i.ibb.co/0VhTwq9/Photo-17-09-2021-17-33-27.png

Wow the details O.O
I can only imagine the price...
1 day ago
okami349 days ago#101310664View spoilerHide spoilerYou'll get to it soon you say? Why do I feel like "soon" might be code word for a decade long wait before you get to picking a pfp? XD
Aw, you just want to keep your collection private for bookwork reasons? Aw, I really do love visiting the profiles of other members on this site from time to time to see what sort of collection they have and see what sort of aesthetic that they like.
I am sure that you can still keep up with the bookwork for your figures even if your collection is public though.
Rip, I better get that Nijisanji homeboi when he becomes available for PO if I truly want him. :')
Oh? You adore droopy eyes on anime character as well?! :D
Oof, you own duplicates of the same figures? Are they variants or are they the same copy? o.o
I do wish you the best of luck on sort out what you want to keep and what you want to sell. ;v;
I have seen some people indirectly advertising Akimomo too by doing that. :v
I know that most hard to find figures are usually sold out on Amazon.jp, so that's why I said "a few". ^^' Still, it's better than nothing I suppose.

View spoilerHide spoilerAhaha... you got me XD
Maybe one day I will feel bothered to do it LOL

Yeah... I just put my collection to keep track :)

The Nijisanji nendos would definitely be popular imo
Gl when POs open!!!

Yeah, I appreciate droopy eyes I guess XD
Depends on personality too tho~

Oh sorry, I meant I own different variations of the same character, so different figure/brand but for the same character XD

Yeah, I am trying to work out what to sell and keep LOL
It's quite hard....

Akimomo gets mentioned sooo often now! I mean, it's good for the company as they are getting in more range of figures, but they are definitely selling out faster than before now :(

yeah, fair enough! I personally just don't use Amazon.jp i guess
1 day ago
Duplicate MSG
1 day ago
okami349 days ago#101310526View spoilerHide spoilerIf poor Tristan never gets a figure, I'm binge play Despacito for a full week in his honor.
$1000 for a figure that was under $200 when it released?! That is pure insanity, highway robbery even!
Waiting for a figure is mentally excruciating, but the wait gives my wallet time to rest and to gather up more money. :') I will admit that when some figures have their prices revealed, I die a little inside. Patience is very much a double-edge sword. ;v;

View spoilerHide spoilerAhahaha, well let's hope he gets some figure love then XD

Yeah... IKR, $1000 for a $200 is insane, but it's happening... to many figures too...

Waiting is hard, but it definitely helps with preparing the moneyz lol
1 day ago
okami349 days ago#101310520View spoilerHide spoilerYou know some fragments of Japanese? I'm jelly! The only thing that I had to clue me in what was going on and what these new characters were about was the visuals. From what I can understand, the female spirit was a human who was once poor and hungry. The Ginger tried to give her some food and help her, but it was too late and she died. Later on, the boy found that same girl again, but as a spirit. It seemed like the girl and the boy didn't really remember each other. But when the female spirit took a bite of that rice cake, she then remembered the boy and it looked like she went off to get reincarnated or something? The boy didn't seem to remember the chick at all.
Somehow, the girl and they boy meet years later, and it seems like the Ginger got overconfident in his cooking skills, but the female spirit took him down and few pegs and it seems like that made him have a midlife crisis of sorts. Right before a big cooking competition too! But on the day of the competition, it seems like the Ginger could sense that the spirit girl was there and gained his confidence back. I think the dude made rice cakes for the competition as was of "going back to his roots"? And then at the end, the spirit girl disappeared. Is she like his guardian angel or something?
That's pretty much what I got from those two videos. XD Is that pretty much what you got from those two videos two, or was your takeaway different from mine?
But yeah, the order that you watched these videos in did make sense to me. I need to make an Onmyoji account before the 28th of September so that I can snatch up all of those freebies too, haha! XD Since Onmyoji's anniversary day is still about 2 weeks away, I'm pretty sure there will be more figure announcements coming, even if it might just be two or three more. If more Onmyoji boys are on the way, my wallet is gonna cry. ;v;
Oh? Zashiki is an R? I didn't know that! But you are right, she did get a figure. :o

View spoilerHide spoilerYeah, I've learnt basic Japanese before, and I guess you just pick it up from watching anime XD

I mean, your interpretation is pretty spot on. The girl in the video was reborn into a spirit/god, who had lost her memories of her previous life. After she ate the onigiri which he offered her, it reminded her of when she was about to be saved by a kind boy.

The boy prayed to a shrine which was supposed to help guide him in his cooking not knowing the spirit that popped out was the "reincarnation" of the girl he offered food to (he didn't know she passed away tho I'm pretty sure). Then they go on their little adventure.

Years later when he becomes successful (because of the spirit's guidance) they meet again and there's a competition to see the best chef in the area. The girl makes a bet, saying she can do better, he loses the bet and becomes her helper or student, she tries to teach him the meaning of food. But he doesn't get it right, until he gives the onigiri again by chance. He then falls into a breakdown before the competition and he gets drunk (he thought it was water, but it was alcohol) and he feels insecure about himself. Then the day of competition, she physically leaves, but he feels her presence and is reminded of how they met once he makes the onigiri again. After the competition, he gives up on being a famous chef and works as a humble good stall provider to people who are in need or poor, like when he offered the sick poor girl his one onigiri (the spirit), which meant the world to her.

That's what i got, and I thought he meaning was SOOOOOOOO deep, and really fell in love with it... it was so touching~

Anywho! You should definitely make an account XD
Snatch up those anniversary rewards!
(and prepare your wallet) XD

Yeah, zashiki is one of THE most useful R shikis :)
1 day ago
Whelp, Food Boy is painted now. It won't be long before PO's for him open.

(Gosh, Netease is hecka speeded with putting up figures they announce up for PO. XD)


He looks pretty good, but I am still not too sure if I want to buy him. What about you guys?
2 days ago

The Onmyoji Taobao have listed the following scales that have been sold out since they were put up for preorder:

- Higanbana: detail.tmall.co...
- Ootakemaru: detail.tmall.co...
- Ibaraki: detail.tmall.co...
- Miketsu: detail.tmall.co...
- Jr. Ootengu: detail.tmall.co...

I've seen these still up on both the regular and cafe Onmyoji Taobaos, but they've also advertised these guys:

- Hana: detail.tmall.co...
- Myethos Youko: detail.tmall.co...
- Orochi: detail.tmall.co...
- Minamoto no Yorimitsu: detail.tmall.co...
- Onikiri: detail.tmall.co...
4 days ago