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cuties with bunny hair ribbons
AniveraAnivera13 days ago
Are you a lover of hair ribbons?
Well...not just any hair ribbons
Bunny hair ribbons!
Then this is the place for you!
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Since I see you are a new user I'll drop some info about clubs:

Linking related things to your club is THE way to get noticed. Scroll down to the bottom of a figure page and to the right there will be a section called "related clubs". Click on the chain symbol and then click what club to link it to. Do this also with related character entries. You can also do this with pictures and articles, but it's not as important. Those things will then show up on the club page and the club's name will show up on the entry.

Make sure to click the little bell next to your club's comment section, otherwise you won't notifications when someone comments.

If you find someone you think would like this club you can send them an invite with the "invite" button right next to "members". Just type in their username.

Good luck ^w^
3 days ago
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