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MikeGoldMikeGold10 years ago
Taiga, Louise, Shana, Haruhi and many more...
Fans of our queens who are not quite honest with their hearts are most welcome in here.
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Such inactivity here.. So i made a club for those who want to join feel free: tsundere lovers

Im keeping it updated and link all items

CLUB #1008
7 years ago
Long live tsunderes!
8 years ago
My boyfriend is my favorite tsundere...uhuhu
8 years ago
otaku-cupcake Megley (◡‿◡✿)
Kagami Hiiragi is my favorite tsundere.~<3
8 years ago
If I missed any important character, please PM me. I'm not visiting this page as often as in the past, but I do care about people from here. So I'll update this place whichever way you want.
9 years ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
if we could lol but we cant yeah if we're mod >.>

I <3 tsunderes ;D and louise is my no 1 <33 2nd taiga and mio isurugi <3
9 years ago
Hello to everyone. :) Let's link all the tsundere girls here. :)
9 years ago
That description seems to fit me lol
9 years ago
I'm surprised no one mentioned Narusegawa Naru from Love Hina.

Edit: Nvm, I see one lol :D Why isn't she higher?
9 years ago
My Top 3 of Tsundere: Kirino Kousaka, Mikoto Misaka & Haruhi Suzumiya :3

Tsundere ftw!
9 years ago