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For Katekyo Hitman Reborn fans :3

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05 years agoLamboLambo
I have the first figure set with hibari,tsuna,gokudera,yammamoto,and lambo.
05 years agoZorgenZorgen
Have some Mukuro, Chrome and Tsuna for sale. PM me plaese
06 years agoMonocleClaireMonocleClaire
Joinin' like a boss.
06 years agoflyingteapotflyingteapot
Wish there were more KHR figures <3
Hope the series gets a second season and we get more figures in the meantime hehe
07 years agomomomomo
Finally, added entries in :3 Now, I'll just have to get around to the pictures...XD
07 years agoimacatloverimacatlover
Yes! I'm in! <3
07 years ago692718692718
07 years agoaoudaaouda
It really needed one, Reborn is amazing!
07 years agomomomomo
lol. Haven't done much but, just thought this place needed a Hitman Reborn club since KHR is <3 :3

Katekyo Hitman Reborn


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