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ArcherArcher11 years ago
A place for posting links to good sales and bargains. Or if you want to share a coupon , here is the place for it!

Please post your play-asia coupons in the play-asia discussion thanks XD

Hi all i added a new discussion called User sales so if you have anime items for sale on ebay or anywhere else then feel free to list the links

UPDATE : the sales have being moved off of the main page and split into 3 new sections

Figures sales from official shops club/29/&pa...
Media sales from official shops for manga ,dvds , cds , games ...ext club/29/&pa...
Merchandise sales from official shops for t-shirts , cups , dakimakura .. ect club/29/&pa...

Please in future please use these discussion to post the sales that you find and remember that all sales must be for anime/manga related goods
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Selling Rem and Ram Shiromuku version!

LIST #126212

Rem: $170 + shipping
Ram: $120 + shipping

Both have been displayed in a smoke-free, dust-free display case, and are in excellent condition!

I'll provide a discount if you purchase the entire set!


Selling the entire GFL ballroom set!

1. GFL: WA2000 Butoukai no Kyuushifu Ver. 1/8 ($150 + shipping)
2. GFL: Springfield Touka no Queen Ver. 1/8 ($150 + shipping)
3. GFL: HK416 Hoshi no Mayu Ver. 1/8 ($150 + shipping)

Only WA2000 was stored in a smoke-free, dust-free cabinet. Springfield and HK416 were both opened to just check for figure condition, but never displayed.

All of these figures are in excellent condition, no damages to either the box or the figure.

If you purchase all three, I'll provide a discount as well!
1 day ago
KITINHO Space gays aficionado
Updated my for sale list in case you're interested in JoJo merch/figures! LIST #128776
15 days ago
Anyone looking to expand your collection? I’m selling almost all of my figures so please have a look and let me know!
15 days ago
I'm selling part of my collection. Please take a look if interested. Thank you!

LIST #129416
23 days ago
Selling some of my one piece collection off along with other stuff! US only and free shipping. PM me if interested :)

LIST #127336
25 days ago
Selling my Gintoki suit and glasses ver by Megahouse for $150 with free shipping in US. CLASSIFIED #205100
1 month ago
KITINHO Space gays aficionado
Selling some JoJo stuff! LIST #128776
1 month ago
Selling my full collection. Will offer discounts if you buy in bulk. Located in Canada/US.
1 month ago
Ready to stimulate your collection by spending that stimulus check?!

Check out my collection! Almost everything is for sale.
1 month ago
Selling quite a few things, all listed here: profile/ozaawa/.... I will offer discounts on multiple purchases!
1 month ago
A Quantum Leap Forward In Your Japanese Import Experience