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11 days ago
Hi everyone! I'm selling nendoroids, rement, cu-poche coat and dioramas for nendoroids/figmas!

Prices are negotiable!!!

MFC SHOP for figures & accessories: (mfc link)

Nendoroids include:
Haikyuu! Kozume Kenma and Oikawa Tooru
Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic Alice Cartelet
Kantai Collection Yamato
Nisekoi Tachibana Marika
Touken Ranbu Hotarumaru, Ichigo Hitofuri, Kogitsunemaru, Mikazuki Munechika, Mikazuki Co-de, Sayo, & Yagen
Vocaloid Hatsune Miku (Lion Dance Ver.)


REMENT [ext link ]
**Album shows pictures of wine bottles + rement boxes

Nendoroid More Cube #02: Shoe Locker Set - $14 shipped
Rilakkuma Show Case - $15 shipped
Wine bottles - $9 shipped
The more recent rement boxes (first 3 after wine bottles) - $36 shipped/each
-->First 2 have not been opened, the 3rd one (High school life) has been opened to check contents
The remaining 2 boxes, out of production for years (Asian Grocery Store, Tea & Pastries sets) - $60 shipped/each
-->Both boxes have been opened before


Bakery: [ext link ]
Restaurant/Cafe: [ext link ]
Japanese Garden (Summer Ver.): [ext link ]
Japanese Garden (Fall Ver.): [ext link ]
Japanese Garden (Spring Ver.): [ext link ]
Purple Bedroom: [ext link ]

**I also have 1 Winter/snow theme garden and a very beautiful Japanese tea room diorama that I have yet to take pictures of

PM me for photos and details if interested!!
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9 days ago
Still selling these figures, please have a look!
I can provide photos upon request. Please PM for more information!
Exclusive and limited release in new condition, opened but never exposed with box. My country's customs decided to open him up to check...
I ship registered with tracking number: National 5,60€ / Europe 16€ / World 25,20€, excluding Paypal Fees.
Rare ABCTOY4ME Christmas custom painted red version. Figure in B/B near mint condition, kept in glass cabinet with box.
I ship registered with tracking number: National 5,60€ / Europe 9,90€ / World 17,10€, excluding Paypal Fees.
Your Hobby Figure Selection, Pre-owned & Rare Items on Sale!
[ext link ]

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9 days ago
Hello all,

I'm selling lots of figures, many of them rare and popular:
(mfc link)

All of them are authentic, gotten from major stores in Japan.
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8 days ago
Atelier Arland series - Totooria Helmold 1/8 Phat Company
item #134359 - $50 free shipping in US

Free pickup in NYC.

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7 days ago
Need to do a major clean-out and get my life together so I'm selling a good chunk of my collection and giving up a lot of preorders.

See my Depop for prices and details.

I am based within the US, but I do not mind shipping internationally. All prices negotiable. Can message me here on MFC or on Depop. All purchases of 50 USD or more get a free gift!

All figures I'm selling in the spoiler below, smaller items are on my Depop:

View spoilerHide spoiler

More items may be added over the next couple weeks.
my shop: (mfc link)

Pre-Orders I'm Giving Up: (mfc link)

group order(s): N/A

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5 days ago
Hi there! Everything is brand new and still sealed in plastic unless noted. I'm open to offers especially if you purchase multiple items ^^ Click the thumbnails to get to the mfc item page.

Toy's Works Collection 2.5 Deluxe Durarara!!x2 Niitengo: $20 each

GSC Nendoroid Exclusive Bonuses:
Bungou Stray Dogs Dazai Osamu Nendoroid Plus Rubber Strap: $10
Bungou Stray Dogs Nakahara Chuuya Nendoroid Plus Rubber Strap: $10
Kantai Collection large water base: $15 like new; barely used
GSC Nendoroid Campaign Special Road Base: $6 opened to check which base it is; never used

All prices are in USD and do not include shipping costs and Paypal fees. I'm located in the US and can ship worldwide. PM me if interested!

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4 days ago
Remifentanyl (1 month ago) #27298358EDIT: Since I'm basically selling my whole collection I've put the MFC-link here: (mfc link)

Hello guys! I'm selling my collection due to moving out and living on my own / losing interest in collecting figures.

Useful information:
- I'm living in the Netherlands.
- I have not listed any prices, you can offer on the figures my PMing me.
- You can PM me for pictures.
- Every figure has it's original box in a good/perfect condition.
- The figures have always been in a smoke-free & (mostly) dust-free room.
- You pay for the shipping fees + paypal fee.s
- I can ship everything worldwide.
- You'll get discount on damaged figures (alot of discount).

Figues I'm selling:

Queen's Blade - Alleyne - 1/6 (Orchid Seed)
item #117205

[Damaged figure!] SoniComi - Sonico - Skytube - 1/6 - Gravure Swimsuit ver. (Alphamax)
item #92728

Original Character - Skytube - X-Eros Cover Girl - 1/7 (Alphamax)
item #167994

Class Maid - Nishikawa Chiharu - 1/7 (Orchid Seed)
item #29312

Shining Hearts - Lorna Murasame - 1/8 (Kotobukiya SEGA)
item #78669

K-ON! - Hirasawa Yui - 1/7 (Max Factory)
item #61388

Mahou Senki Lyrical Nanoha Force - Fate T. Harlaown - 1/6 - Swimsuit ver. (Alphamax)
item #120937

To Heart 2 - Kousaka Tamaki - 1/8 - Black Underwear ver. (Clayz)
item #119216

Senran Kagura - Ikaruga - R-Line - 1/8 - Damage ver. (Griffon Enterprises)
item #151536


Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse - Takamura Yui - Nendoroid #293 (Good Smile Company)
item #117935

Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse - Inia Sestina - Nendoroid #329 (Good Smile Company)
item #117916

Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse - Cryska Barchenowa - Nendoroid #328 (Good Smile Company)
item #117924

Bumping my post!

Bumping my post!

Sold the following:
[Damaged figure!] SoniComi - Sonico - Skytube - 1/6 - Gravure Swimsuit ver. (Alphamax)
item #92728
Sold for 50 euro + shipping costs

Queen's Blade - Alleyne - 1/6 (Orchid Seed)
item #117205
Sold for 70 euro + shipping costs

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3 days ago
Selling these! Shipping is FREE and INCLUDED for domestic US.
Please make an offer.

Nendoroid Petit: Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Extension Set 01
25 shipped
Has been opened and briefly displayed.

Touhou Project - Ibuki Suika - Touhou SD Keychain (Pink Company)
10 shipped
Has been opened, comes with original plastic wrapper packaging and paper.

Touhou Project - Hinanai Tenshi - 1/8 (Amakuni, Hobby Japan)
The one I have leaned like crazy. I don't know how to fix her, so when displaying her I propped her up with a plush on the side.
Some of the crystals broke off, but I superglued them back on and they look fine. I tried with tape first, so there are a few very tiny tape pieces left under her skirt that I can't get off.
There is some paint chipping on the bottom of her foot from where I missed putting her on her peg.
I think some of the cloud fluff/stuffing that came with it is missing.
40 shipped or 30 + whatever shipping method is cheaper if you know one.

I'm currently away for college and will be able to take pictures for Thanksgiving break next Thursday!
Prices are negotiable within reason especially if you buy multiple things.

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1 day ago
Still have a bunch of stuff available in my sales list. I have gone through and cleaned up the images, so hopefully everything is a little easier to view. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Everything is in USD and does not include shipping. I accept payment through Paypal and can ship internationally.

Gangsta. Items: (mfc link)
Mains Sales Link: (mfc link)

The $1 section includes from the following series:
Ace of Diamond
Attack on Titan
Blue Exorcist
Brothers Conflict
Code: Realize
Hello Kitty
Hōzuki no Reitetsu/Hozuki’s Coolheadedness
Kuroko’s Basketball
Monster Strike
Nintama Rantaro
One Piece
Persona 3
Psycho Pass
Show by Rock
Uta no Prince-sama
Yowamushi Pedal

And a lot of stuff I don't know the origin of in Bishoujo, Bishounen, Misc, Ransom Pins, Plushes.

The other Sections include:
Animators doujinshi

Gakuen K
Hōzuki no Reitetsu/Hozuki’s Coolheadedness
Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun
One Punch Man
Persona 3
Persona 5
Psycho Pass
Saiyuki Reloaded
Seven Deadly Sins
Soul Eater


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17 hours ago
SELLING MERCHANDISE FOR BILLS: [ext link ] (please PM or email me (in Storenvy under "contact") if you would like to negotiate reasonable pricing for bulk purchases)
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4 hours ago
Hello, I'm in desperate need of funds and I wasn't able to cancel these items. I have them at a very low price as I'm not looking to make more money but just get some of it back.

Fire Emblem IF ~ figma Corrin/Kamui ~ ​item #464595
Kemono Friends ~ figma ​Serval (With GSC bonus) ~ ​item #561470
Oboro Muramasa ~ Parfom Momohime ~ item #287768

✿ Thank you for looking (´ ▽`).。o♡

Auction link --> [ext link ]
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