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Super Sonico is a fictional character created by Tsuji Santa for the Japanese computer and video game software company, Nitroplus.

Sonico is an eighteen-year-old college student studying marine biology at Musasaka University and lives in Mushashino-shi, Tokyo. She also appears as a popular gravure idol, as well as the vocalist and guitarist of First Astronomical Velocity. Her bandmates refer to her as "Nico-chan". She is prone to sleeping in, her favorite food is macarons, and she owns five cats: Cha, Shu, Men, Naruto and Ajitama.


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I've been looking for a Super Sonico Hanami Sake Ver GK for years, anyone ever had luck with finding one of these? myanimeshelf.co...

She's pretty much my grail!
5 months ago
i'm looking for the super sonico space police pink ver. figure! please dm me/reply if you have this figure. based in the us.
1 year ago
I made a video on my Sonico figures so far! www.youtube.com... :D
1 year ago
OppaiSenpai Oppai Connoisseur
Sonico senpai notice me!
2 years ago
hello ! if anyone is willing to sell a "super pochaco patissier mint ver" please message me or look on my linktree on my account and message my insta, thanks :D
2 years ago
[NSFW] Super Sonico - China Dress Ver. - Emontoys

BLOG #45904
2 years ago
Selling the Super Sonico LE towel, mint, never used obviously. PM with offer. ITEM #46628
2 years ago
I'm looking for the Super Sonico birthday and wedding version! I've never ordered figures from anyone except actual companies.|・ω・)ノ
2 years ago
adlurker2 years ago#74978704Thanks! But his prices are a bit too much for me. $150 for jogging. It is even cheaper to get it shipped from Japan :X

Aaaah, that's too bad! I honestly didn't really analyze the ads too much since I'm in Canada and the conversion/customs/shipping fees would kill me;;;;;
2 years ago
Aigistone2 years ago#74978688There’s a user named Nial selling the Clumsy office lady and the Jogging Figure! I don’t remember the prices but I think he’s offering free USA shipping
Thanks! But his prices are a bit too much for me. $150 for jogging. It is even cheaper to get it shipped from Japan :X
2 years ago